Best Short Fins for Swimming and Snorkeling

We updated our list of best short swimming fins on the market for summer of 2022
Our top choices based on extensive tests and buyer reviews are:

  1. Cressi Adult Short Light Swim Fins >> made using very lightweight material but at the same time ensures good reactivity
  2. CAPAS Open Heel Short Snorkel Fins >> short blades are lightweight+compact, making it ideal for easy packing
  3. Seavenger Torpedo Swim Fins  >> adjustable straps and easy-click buckles
  4. Cressi Palau Short Snorkeling Swim Fins   >> adjustable fin for pool or beach use
  5. Wildhorn Topside Snorkel Fins >> topside fins fit like a shoe, for casual snorkeling and shorter distance swimming
  6. KIMILILY Swim Fins for Swimming and Diving >> adjustable Open Heel Design, quick-drying mesh bag
Seaview 180 Topside Snorkel Fins - Compact, Travel, Swim Fins for Men & Women - Revolutionary Walkable Short Blade Swimming Fins for Land and Sea

If you are a casual snorkeler, using short fins will require less energy to move your legs, which in turn, provide continuous underwater motion without the need to rest, or much worst, get muscle cramps. Afterall, your snorkeling adventures should be fun, exciting and comfortable. Here are the top models in the market in 2022:

Cressi Agua Short, blue, EU 45/46

The Cressi brand is known for its long swimming fins, like the Cressi Agua Long Blade Fins, which is pretty much effective when in it comes to propelling you while underwater. The Cressi Short Fins is the smaller version from its large and long fin counterparts.

 The Cressi Fins is made from a lightweight material where the whole pair only weighs 3 pounds (1.3 kilograms). But being lightweight does not compromise its swimming efficiency (see our reviews for fitness trackers for swimming here) as this particular fins has several features that ensures good underwater motion.

While it is being classified as full-foot type of fins, it has a foot pocket that is embedded with the latest technology called “Self Adjusting Foot Pocket System”. This ensures a tight fit regardless of the foot shape of the snorkeler.

Cressi Agua Short, blue, EU 45/46

The fin blades of the Cressi Agua Fins for Snorkeling are highly flexible which facilitates you with smooth and easy finning which generally creates a faster sustained kicks.

This particular pair of fins are positively buoyant. This feature is very helpful during an accidental dislodge where the fins floats back to the surface and will not sink to the bottom.

This positive buoyant feature also helps the posture of the snorkeler to attain a minimal drag position where the fins elevates the leg portion making a straight and aligned body position.

CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Swim Fins Travel Size Short Adjustable for Snorkeling Diving Adult Men Women Kids Open Heel Swimming Flippers

The Capas Fins is designed to fit a wide range of foot sizes. With just a simple adjustment of the fin strap, it can give a tight fit regardless if the size of your feet is small, medium or large. This is brought to you by its open-heel classification where booties from all sorts of sizes can easily fit in.

CAPAS Snorkel Fins, Swim Fins Travel Size Short Adjustable for Snorkeling Diving Adult Men Women Kids Open Heel Swimming Flippers

Aside from the open heel feature of the Capas Fins is that it has a soft foot pocket that allows easy wearing whether if it is dry or wet. It is highly versatile that you can use this particular fins using barefoot, a pair of fin socks or dive booties.

It has a pair of filter pads where you can place them inside the heel pouch after use so that the pouch is kept in shape and will not deform even if there is a heavy object over it.

But what really stands out with the Capas Snorkeling Fins is its short blades making it very easy to kick while in water.

Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins for Travel (Black, S/M)

The Seavenger Torpedo Fins is recognized as one of the best snorkeling fins with a short blade and is suitable for all types of watersports like bodyboarding and swimming (see our reviews for swim snorkels here) or as diving fins.

It is made from a lightweight durable material that will last for years even if it is subjected to frequent use making this particular snorkeling fins highly reliable and safe. The fin itself is classified as an open heel type of fins where it features a highly flexible heel pouch.

Seavenger Torpedo Snorkeling Fins for Travel (Black, S/M)

You can use the Seavenger Fins using your barefoot, reef socks or diving booties. Whichever you choose, your feet will comfortably fit in the heel pouch that is further designed to add more thermal protection in your lower extremities. It has an adjustable fin straps, that when adjusted, can fit most feet sizes.

Further, the fin straps has a large thumb loops which provides you easy access for donning and doffing. The fin is also considered one of the shortest fins available in the market with a total fin length measuring only 15 inches (38 centimeters).

It also comes with its own mesh bag where you easily store your fins and take it anywhere you want.

Cressi CSSPSAF-BL-ML Palau Short Snorkeling Fins with Mesh Bag, Blue, Medium/Large

The Cressi Palau Snorkeling Fins is designed and made using the latest innovation and manufacturing technology that is patented under the Cressi line of fin products. 

The blades of this particular fins is very short that when you wear it, it feels like it becomes an integral part of your lower extremities, which in turn, gives you a comfortable feel while making an easy kick as you move along the water.

The fin blades of the Cressi Palau Short Fins are soft and highly flexible and has a foot pocket that has a contour design for easy donning, regardless if you are on the deck of the boat or in the water. 

While the foot pouch is not designed to be worn by all foot sizes, it still can accommodate a wide range of measurements where it can comfortably fit 3 to 4 consecutive sizes. For example, one of its users told us that he had a size 10 foot, and when it was borrowed and used by a guy with a size 11.5 foot, it still gives a comfortable fit.

The fin strap has a strong ring strap that allows the reversal use of the strap, whether left or right and up or down.

Seaview 180 Topside Snorkel Fins - Compact, Travel, Swim Fins for Men & Women - Revolutionary Walkable Short Blade Swimming Fins for Land and Sea

Not unless you choose to go barefoot, in most cases for short snorkeling fins you need some sort of foot protection against scratch, blisters and decreasing water temperature. This can be addressed if you use reef socks or booties, however, you need to buy it as a separate item.

With the Wildhorn Topside Fins, the booties is already integrated in the fins. In fact, you can walk on land even you are already wearing this particular fin courtesy from its built-in booties and short fin blades, which you cannot do if you are using the long fin version.

Seaview 180 Topside Snorkel Fins - Compact, Travel, Swim Fins for Men & Women - Revolutionary Walkable Short Blade Swimming Fins for Land and Sea

When you wear the Wildhorn Fins, it feels like you are just wearing your regular shoes. It has a closed toe and heel which prevents muscle cramps from happening, especially in cases of cold water environment. 

It further features an adjustable velcro strap that supports the ankle thereby giving you further support, either if you are walking or swimming.

And lastly, do not worry if this pair of snorkeling fins is bigger and bulkier when compared to other snorkeling fins, as it can easily be separated from your other snorkeling or diving equipment courtesy from its own carry on mesh bag.

Most of us are familiar with fins that are being used by adults. Often, these are relatively long in length, has a thicker blade and has added features like windows and holes to add more motion efficiency while on water.

However, fins that have these features are designed for persons that are accustomed to using this kind of footwear and to match their strong leg power. But what if these kinds of snorkeling fins are being used by newbie snorkelers? The effect would be an inefficient swimming motion and will become more of a liability rather than a swimming asset.

This is the reason why some of the latest brands and models of snorkeling fins are made up of lightweight material and features a shorter fin blade which is generally easy to use and kick while on water.

But why do newbies and some snorkelers prefer short fins for snorkeling? You have to remember that the only way you can move along the water during snorkeling is you have to move your legs in an up and down motion. If the fins that you are using is long and sturdy, you will need more effort to move your legs and may need to stop once in a while to recharge those tired leg muscles. 

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