5 Best Full Face Scuba Diving Masks in 2021

OCEAN REEF Unisex Space Extender Integrated Full Face Diving Mask, Black/Black, Medium/Large

Whether you’re a seasoned scuba diver in search of a new diving mask or a newbie looking for the perfect full face mask to get to master the wonders of the underworld, a top-quality full face diving mask could be best for you.

Models vary from professional full face diving masks intended to use with a second stage regulator to full face beginner masks, which are also a good choice for freedivers. To help you in your quest of finding the right full face mask, we put together the top models on the market. Check them out...

The Ocean Reef Neptune Space G.divers is a scuba full face mask designed to deliver a wider field of vision and the ability to communicate verbally underwater without using hand signals. Something rarely seen in its peers. 

Its greatest strength is the streamlined polycarbonate panoramic visor that allows you to get a full view of the surroundings. The lens is molded and sealed in a face skirt made from premium-grade silicone rubber, with a spring profile that doubles the internal space, maximizing the distance between your face and the mask.

This unique facial skirt allows breathing using your nose rather than mouth, resulting in no jaw fatigue and an overall improved scuba diving experience. 

Ideal to use with scuba gear, the mask also boasts an integrated second stage regulator with 31-inch long low-pressure hose that’s incredibly easy to attach to your first stage regulator. 

We also like the adjustable flow control knob that allows you to increase or decrease the airflow. 

In terms of communication, the mask boasts a powerful single-channel wireless communication unit with PTT communication unit. Simply press the button to start communicating verbally with your buddy. 

Packed with a host of features and relatively affordable for what it is, this full face mask is undoubtedly one of the best for scuba you can get your hands on.

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask (Black Skirt/Black Hardware)

Divers who don’t want to chill their faces excessively while exploring cold water environments might like the Guardian Full Face Mask by OTS. Designed to cover most of your face, this piece of scuba gear will surely keep you warm and dry down in the abyss. 

A low-profile visor ensures a wide frontal vision. Similar to the Neptune Space, this mask has the lens embedded in a double skirt that feels soft and comfortable. 

We particularly like the wider nose pocket that allows you to breathe easily using your nose instead of the mouth. Thanks to this feature, you can even prevent the common dry throat divers usually get when using a traditional mask and regulator. 

Like most scuba full face masks, the Guardian features a built-in second stage regulator and low-pressure hose. Although firmly attached to the octopus adapter, the regulator can be removed easily for cleaning, maintenance, and storage. 

Another nice feature is the ambient breathing valve that allows you to breathe fresh air when surfacing, conserving the air in your tank. 

The mask is easy to fit thanks to its 5-lined head strap made from an easily adjustable, robust material. Furthermore, it comes neatly packed in its own carry bag. 

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The next entry on our list also comes from OTS. The Spectrum is a popular mask in the brand’s line of full face masks for scuba diving, as it allows you to use your own regulator and spare some costs. 

We also like that it’s large, covering your entire face, from forehead down to the chin. 

Unlike our two top picks that come with polycarbonate visors, the Spectrum boasts a premium tempered glass lens encased in a quality frame. What we like less is the rubber skirt, which is high quality but can trigger allergies in sensitive people.

A large nose pocket makes equalization easy, while also allowing nose breathing. As mentioned above, it has no built-in second stage regulator, but it does come with a second stage adaptor port that allows you to use your own gear, securing it in place with a convenient strap. 

Similar to the Guardian, the Spectrum allows you to breathe either through the nose or through the mouth, without the need of biting a mouthpiece; thus, it fully eliminates jaw fatigue. 

Designed to fit snug yet comfortably, it has the same, sturdy 5-line head strap. Another nice feature is that you can upgrade this mask with a mic and headset assembly so that you can communicate verbally with your dive buddy.

IST M37 PEGASUS Full Face Mask for Commercial Scuba Diving, Low Volume Gear with Octo Attachment (Rubber)

While most full face diving masks are heavy and sometimes uncomfortable, the IST full face dive mask shows that quality scuba gear doesn’t necessarily have to be cumbersome. Indeed, this model is lightweight and has no complicated features, which means it’s really easy to use. 

Similar to the Spectrum, it has a tempered glass lens. The main difference between the models is that this mask comes with a dual lens with solid rubber division at the center. 

The lenses are embedded in the soft rubber skirt, while the nose pocket is highly visible and easy to locate. 

You can equalize the mask easily by simply pressing the nose pocket. Furthermore, in the mouth area, there is an adaptor port for the second stage regulator. Attaching the regulator is also easy, by simply removing the mouthpiece. 

This feature allows you to breathe through your nose and eliminate jaw fatigue. 

Finding a secure fit is also easy, although the 3-lined strap is not as rigid as the strap used by other full face masks. All in all, though, we like its feature and price point; no doubt, a dive mask we highly recommend.

OCEAN REEF Unisex Space Extender Integrated Full Face Diving Mask, Black/Black, Medium/Large

Advertised as an integrated dive mask, the Space Extender by Ocean Reef boasts all the features and upgrades a quality mask can offer. Its lens is made of polycarbonate rather than tempered glass, but the high-quality material still provides accurate underwater vision. 

Like its other Ocean Reef peer on this list, the Space Extender features an integrated second stage regulator; what makes it special is that it’s an on-demand type of regulator, which only releases air when you breathe.

Needless to say that this feature saves the air in your tank, helping you dive for longer. 

Several buttons and operating knobs allow you to control the amount of air to be released too. Furthermore, sealed port holes located under the regulator even give you the possibility to upgrade your mask and install an underwater communication system.

A convenient exhaust valve allows you to release exhaled air easily, while a surface air valve lets you breathe fresh air when you resurface. 

From a visual standpoint, this mask looks exactly like the Neptune Space, but the Space Extender provides more space in the mouth and nose area; thus, it’s more suitable for diving in cold waters. Indeed, this full face mask is certified for ice diving.