10 Best Scuba Diving Weights in 2021

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Diving weights are something all divers need. They help you achieve the neutral buoyancy required for scuba diving. The additional weight also helps you descend properly to the depth you want to reach, but how to choose from the various weight types on the market? To leave the guesswork out of the game, check out our top 10 best scuba diving weights...

Dive Rite Quick Buckle Weight System, {16 lb | 7.3 kg}
Sea Pearls Uncoated Lace Thru Style Hard Weights, 3Pounds

Traditional scuba divers who employ the weight belt and buckle system will really like the first entry on our list of best scuba diving weights - the Sea Pearls Uncoated Lace Thru.

Their best strength is that you’ll only need two of them, one on the left and another on the right side of your body, regardless of the diving weight requirement. This is possible thanks to the variety of weight units you can choose from, starting with a 1-pounder all the way up to 12 pounds.

The weights are made from pure lead enriched with antimony that enhances its overall hardness and prevents deformation.

Each weight features a lace-through style, which facilitates easy attachment to the weight belt. The rounded, contoured edge also adds comfort in the hip area.

While these diving weights come in different weight units, keep in mind that their size varies accordingly. For the typical 3-pounder, this diving weight has a dimension of 2 x 4 x 1.5 inches while the 6-pounder measures 3.5 x 4.5 x 1.5 inches.

We wouldn’t call it a drawback, though, as this is something to be expected. And all in all, the Sea Pearls uncoated hard weights undoubtedly bring the best value for money.

Pocket Weights BCD Scuba Weights (Pairs) (8)

The Pocket Weights are designed for divers using BCD with a weight integration system. They are primarily made from pure lead sealed with a coating that prevents both the lead contamination of the environment and skin irritation caused by lead contact.

This product comes in pairs, and each weight can fit most weight pockets from an integrated BCD, especially BCDs coming from brands such as Aqua Lung, Sea Quest,  ScubaPro, Tusa, Mares, Cressi, Zeagle, Aeris, Oceanic and OMS. However, keep in mind that the Pocket Weights are not compatible with Sherwood BCDs.

That said, you’ll most likely love their features. They can be easily handled, even when wearing dive gloves, thanks to the elongated design with a large handle.

Thanks to this feature, you can easily place or remove the weights from your vest’s pockets, either on land or in the water.

Similar to the Sea Pearls, the Pocket Weights’ size varies with the weight – something to check before you buy, to make sure they actually fit in your pockets.

As for the weight units, you can choose from four to 10-pounders, just perfect for most adults.

Sea Pearls Lead Shot Soft Weights, 2Pounds

Experienced divers who want the flexibility to place the weights anywhere on their diving equipment might like the Sea Pearls Soft Mesh Weight.

Designed with versatility in mind, these diving weights can either be placed inside the BCD pockets, hung on a weight belt, or inserted in the pockets of a weight-integrated BCD. They’re made from non-scrapped lead pellets and are enriched with antimony for added hardness.

The pellets are encased in a heavy-duty, quick water draining and fast air drying nylon mesh bag that is double stitched for increased durability.

When not in use, these dive weights are relatively soft and easy to handle. When used, the pellets inside the mesh bag naturally mold to the contours to the wearer – a feature that is particularly important if you decide to attach the weights in any place that comes in contact with your hips.

Indeed, the small lead nuggets adapt to the natural shape of your hips, preventing blisters, bruises, and other discomfort or injuries.

As you’d expect, these diving weights come in different units from 1-pounder to 10-pounder. If you need them in different sizes, it’s also nice to know that they also come in different colors, each color corresponding to a specific weight.

Sea Pearls Vinyl Coated Lace Thru Weights-Yellow-1LB

If you liked our top pick but didn’t like that it’s uncoated, then you’re going to love these hard weights from Sea Pearls. They’re exactly the same as the ones above but are coated.

As you can expect from quality scuba weights, they’re still made from pure lead hardened with antimony. On top of the lead, there is a thick vinyl coat designed for durability in the marine environment.

Not only the vinyl protects the weights from scratches or damage while diving, but this coating also prevents lead contamination and keeps your skin away from the potentially toxic metal.

Apart from that, the product still has the same contoured design, and it can be easily slipped through any diving belt.

The round edge will also facilitate the insertion in the weight pockets of your vest, should you look for BCD integration.

Furthermore, these diving weights come in 3 different colors. The black variant will undoubtedly blend-in with your scuba gear, while blue and yellow will definitely help you or your dive buddy in spotting the placement of the weights.

Sure, you’ll have to pay for all these features, but this product is well worth the investment.

Arrow Weights Lead Weight Packages 30lbs (4x5lbs, 2x4lbs, 2x1lbs) perfect for Scuba Diving BCs

Looking for multiple units to fit your exact weight configuration? Then the Arrow Lead Weight Package might be just perfect!

It is composed of 8 units with a total combined weight of 30 pounds. Included in the package are four red bags, each weighing 5 pounds, two blue bags of 4 pounds each, and two yellow bags weighing 1 pound each.

Inside the bags, there are hundreds of small lead pellets. The loose arrangement of the lead pellets allows you to handle each weight with ease, similarly to handling a small sandbag. When used, it naturally conforms to the shape of the wearer, so they won’t damage any part of your gear nor injure your hips.

While these diving weights are considered a bestseller, do keep in mind that they also have some downsides.

First, the material of the bags is non-meshed. In effect, water will not completely drain out after use, and drying may take a longer time.

Second, they don’t have a versatile placement, and can only be used when slid inside the side or weight pockets of a BCD with weight integration system.

With this in mind, we still have to admit they are fantastic. Undeniably, a great buy.

XS Scuba Shot Diving Weight White 5 LB

Next on our list of best scuba diving weights is this product by XS Scuba, a lead shot weight that impresses with the quality of the materials involved in its manufacturing.

It is primarily made from newly manufactured lead molded into small shots. This means you can expect no scrap or recycled metal, which is awesome.During the manufacturing of the lead pellets, antimony is also added to serve as a hardening agent, preventing the pellets from deforming even when used frequently. 

The lead shots are encased in a heavy-duty nylon mesh bag that is totally sealed using double stitches. In effect, this allows water to drain easily and facilitates drying.

These diving weights come in five different sizes, and each weight unit is color-coded for easier identification. The 1-pounder has a bag with a large blue label, the 2-pounder has a red label, 3-pounder yellow label, 4-pounder has a light brown label and the 5-pounder (being the heaviest in its range) has a white label.

Regardless of the size you choose, these weights are designed to be placed inside the pockets of a weight-integrated BCD or in a weight belt custom-fitted with weight pockets.

Cramer Decker Scuba Diving Shot Lead Soft Weight Bag in HD Cordura Pouch

If you have been suffering from injuries like bruises as a result of the solid diving weights rubbing against your hips yet you want to continue diving, then we highly suggest you use the Cramer Decker Scuba Diving Shot Lead Soft Weight Bag as your main scuba diving weight.

It is primarily made from newly manufactured lead pellets encased in a mesh bag that is sealed, bonded and stitched with #70 nylon thread.

Aptly named as the Cordura pouch, the mesh bag has a sturdy inner texture but a softer outer material. As you walk during shore entry or swimming in mid-water, the lead pellets will automatically arrange themselves to adapt to the natural contours of your body, thereby preventing weight-related stress.

This bestselling diving weight comes in five different color-coded sizes, from 1 to 5 pounds.

Dive Rite Quick Buckle Weight System, {16 lb | 7.3 kg}

The Dive Rite Quick Buckle Weight System might not be a scuba diving weight, but it had to make it to our list, as it can be used with most weights featured on this list.

It’s made to use with the Dive Rite Transpac BCD, although it’s compatible with any weight belt or BCD thanks to the nylon webbing loops that allow you to fit it on any 2-inch nylon-webbed weight belt.

An improved version of the quick-buckle weight system from the same manufacturer, this system impresses with an improved release handle with reversed orientation. In other words, the weight pockets are configured vertically and come equipped with convenient Velcro tabs.

These improvements guarantee that your weights can stay in place even when you’re switching from vertical to a horizontal position.

Besides this feature, we also like that the system has a quick buckle. Just pull the handle to release the weights easily, while the holster stays in place within the belt.

We also like that, besides the top loading feature, each pocket can carry up to 8 pounds or either hard style or lead pellet weights.

MOOCY 4 Neoprene Pocket Scuba Weight Belt - fit for Waist 32' to 52'

Another weight belt we felt like mentioning is the MOOCY 4, a customized weight belt system designed to hold either hard or soft diving weights.

This product has a weight belt made from 50mm polypropylene ribbed webbing that is further strengthened with 1000D material. At one end, it is fitted with a high-quality stainless steel buckle that firmly holds the belt in place when locked.

Stitched within the belt are four pocket flaps designed to hold the scuba diving weights. Each pocket flap is made from sturdy material and features Velcro closure at the top that securely holds and fastens the diving weights.

The back portion of the pocket flap has a soft pad that protects you from feeling the pressure of the weights, while the front part has a nylon mesh that allows water to instantly drain.

Each pocket can carry up to 16 pounds, making this product ideal for divers with a higher diving weight requirement. 

XS Scuba Pocket Weight Belts (4 Pocket, Blue)

The last entry on our list of best scuba diving weights is this eight-pocket weight belt by XS Scuba. Like the two systems above, it’s not actually diving weights, but a diving weights carrying system developed for divers of all levels.

Easy to fit and super-comfortable, this belt is made from high-quality nylon. A plastic buckle secures it tightly around your waist, while two configurations allow you to choose between two or four pockets.

Regardless of the configuration you choose, we like that each pocket features two sleeves stitched together.

Each of these sleeves can hold a diving weight of up to 3 pounds, or a total of 6 pounds per pocket. In other words, in the maximum configuration, the belt is suitable even for heavier divers, as it can hold up to 24 pounds in total.

The only thing to keep in mind is to always remove the weights from the pockets after each dive. In this way, you won’t risk damaging the material and will be able to increase the overall lifespan of the product.

As you can expect, the belt can be used with all 3-pound or less diving weights on this list, including hard or lead pellets. 

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