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Are you looking for the top activity tracker on the market for swimming

A good fitness monitoring device can be your best friend if you want to boost athletic performance or monitor your health. Whether you wear them simply to make sure you’re moving enough or to keep your high-performance levels on track, these smart wrist devices are usually worn all day long.

 If you enjoy watersports, or train regularly with a swimming snorkel, then you can settle for nothing less than a great fitness tracker for swimming. Check our reviews where we compare wearable fitness trackers below...

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The LETSCOM Fitness Tracker is perhaps the , an all-rounder designed to monitor your daily activity and health status. It doesn’t come with a specific swimming mode, but it can track performance for up to 14 different sports.

It also boasts an IP68 rating, which means it can be immersed in 5-foot deep waters.

We are often asked the question - are letscom fitness trackers waterproofThanks to its top water resistance, it can come with you wherever you go as long as you’re only swimming or snorkeling. And despite not having a dedicated swimming mode, it does an excellent job in monitoring your day-by-day activity.

Boasting an intuitive interface, this smart device combines the functionality of an activity tracker with that of a smartwatch.

Connectivity features allow you to sync it with your smartphone to keep track of incoming calls and messages through convenient vibratory alerts. You’ll even be able to read the texts directly on the device's display, while the GPS synchronization with your phone improves pace and distance measurements and turns this into a activity tracker with gps with the help of your smartphone.

These features combined enable the device to provide accurate measuring of your daily activity including steps taken and burned calories.

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The device also performs continuous monitoring of your heart rate and tracks the quality of your sleep, so you can identify any potential health issues on time. Perfect for all office junkies, this device also includes a sedentary reminder function that lets you know when it’s the time to get some stretching or physical activity.

Another praised function is the silent alarm that will wake you up discreetly, without disturbing your partner or roommates.

As a 24/7 comfortable wearable fitness tracker, Letscom also boasts a stylish soft band available in various colors. With cordless charging via USB and a long battery life of up to 7 days, this is the ultimate multi-task activity smart swimming band you can get.

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Next on our list is the Willful fitness tracker with heart rate monitor. It’s very similar to our top pick, an IP68-rated fitness tracker designed to provide 24/7 activity monitoring.

Like the LETSCOM, this fitness tracker doesn’t come with a specific swimming mode. Instead, it provides specific monitoring for 14 different sports. Besides the sports modes, it also boasts the functionality of a top-in-class fitness tracker with smartphone connectivity.

Willful smart band can monitor your activity level throughout the day, letting you know when to get up from your office chair or couch. Furthermore, an accurate, high-resolution sensor provides an effective heart rate and sleep monitoring.

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Incorporated smartwatch features include connectivity with iOS and Android smartphones. Vibration alerts and notifications on display will let you know of any incoming calls or messages, and you can even sync the tracker with your phone’s GPS.

A thing we don’t like so much is the lack of memory. You may not be able to track longer hikes without overloading it.

But if you don’t really care about athletic performance and want a fitness health tracker mainly for health monitoring, this one will undoubtedly live up to the expectations.

BETIMESYU Fitness Tracker Color Screen Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch Remote Photography Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Monitor Step...

Another good band for swimming acclaimed by enthusiasts, the BETIMESYU Fitness Tracker appeals to those who don’t want to break the bank. But even if it is the least expensive on this list, this doesn’t mean it lacks anything in terms of functionality.

Similar to a fitness tracker for all activities, this one is IP68 rated and is capable of sensing and tracking sports activities such as cycling or running. It doesn’t have a dedicated swimming mode, but according to the company, it can resist immersions up to 100 feet. Just keep in mind that it won’t resist hot baths or showers.

BETIMESYU Fitness Tracker Color Screen Waterproof Activity Tracker Smart Watch Remote Photography Heart Rate Blood Pressure Blood Oxygen Monitor Step...

Besides activity tracking, health monitoring includes 24/7 controlling of your heart rate and circadian cycles.

More than an activity tracker, the BETIMESYU is also an intuitive activity tracker bracelet. It recognizes and connects to your smartphone almost automatically; then it sends you alerts of incoming calls and text or social media messages.

Furthermore, it syncs with your phone via an app that includes an array of interesting features. The one we like best is remote photography, which lets you record your unforgettable moments with a simple arm shake.

Stylish and sleek, this activity tracker you can swim with also comes with two comfortable soft bands that enhance its value for money.

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Moving on to the next fitness tracker for swimming on this list, another one that impressed us is the Lintelek Fitness Tracker. It’s greatly priced and incorporates a bunch of features, but it’s not as water resistant as our other options.

It will still withstand swimming thanks to its IP67 rating, but it won’t resist diving or snorkeling.

Despite being a lower water resistant fitness band, this wearable activity tracker with heart rate monitor still boasts many interesting features. Health-wise, it monitors your daily activity, and incorporates a convenient sedentary reminder feature. As for your athletic performance, the smart bracelet acts as a wrist pedometer, odometer, and step and calorie counter watch.

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As you would expect from a last-generation device, the Lintelek also incorporates a host of smartwatch features and is a great waterproof fitness watch for swimming. It’s compatible with most iOS and Android devices, and syncs with your phone to display missed texts and call reminders.

Some other perks include GPS connectivity, silent alarms, and remote camera shooting. Furthermore, the bracelet also records your circadian cycles and displays all data on easy-to-read colored charts.

Backed by a 1-year warranty and coming at a price that won’t break the bank, this is no doubt one of the best fitness trackers for swimming to have in your arsenal.

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The last on our list, the Letsfit Fitness Tracker, is another fantastic product that fits the bill. It’s not so diverse from our other top picks, and it can seamlessly keep track of your health status and athletic performance.

It’s rated IP68, so it’s just perfect for taking with you to the pool. Thanks to its water resistance, this smart bracelet is also ideal for wearing all day long for constant heart rate monitoring.

Besides, it also tracks your sleep cycles, and you can even use it to set silent daily alarms.

Other functions include smartphone connectivity and sync features developed to help you improve performance tracking via GPS.

Furthermore, you’ll also be able to check your incoming calls and texts directly on the watch’s color display.

As a waterproof fitness tracker with long battery life and easy charging via USB are two other features that contribute to this unit’s popularity. Backed by a 12-month letscom warranty and greatly priced for a smart device, this is another excellent fitness tracker for swimming that can satisfy your expectations.

Fitness Trackers for Swimming - Buying Guide

Tracking your activity even when swimming is crucial if you want to monitor your athletic performance.

But what are the essential features to look for in the best fitness tracker for swimming?

Some critical characteristics include IP rating, battery life, and smartphone connectivity:

1. IP Rating

Perhaps the most important thing to check before buying is the IP rating. IP stands for ingress protection and refers to the tracker’s ability to resist dust and water. The rating includes two digits; the first refers to the dust resistance while the second to water resistance.

The best fitness trackers for swimming should be rated at least IP68. Six represents the maximum dust resistance, whereas eight refers to the device’s ability to withstand submersion at 5 feet below the surface for at least 30 minutes.

IP67 is also a great rating for swimming, but these devices won’t withstand submersions at more than 3 feet.

As a golden rule, remember that all wearable fitness trackers are usually safe for swimming but not suitable for diving or snorkeling.

If you’re a diver, perhaps it’s a better idea to invest in a smartwatch designed specifically for this purpose, and that can withstand high pressure, even if this means sacrificing some common fitness tracker features, such as heart rate or sleep monitoring.

2. Battery

The next thing to check is the battery. Some fitness trackers come with removable batteries that must be changed when drained. Others have built-in batteries that recharge via USB or cable.

If you opt for the former, make sure the battery is easily accessible, but that the bracelet’s case closes hermetically to prevent leaking while you’re swimming. In case you go for the latter, get a battery with a long life cycle. Aim for at least 6-7 days of battery life in standby mode and fast charging.

Also, keep in mind that most rechargeable batteries may lose their performance if you overcharge them.

3. Band

Often neglected but extremely important, the design of the band can make or break the deal. If you aim to wear the fitness tracker permanently, check how comfortable the band is. Silicone is perhaps your best bet, as this material is flexible and pleasant to wear for a prolonged time.

Also, make sure it fits properly if you don’t want to lose your precious fitness tracker while swimming.

4. Connectivity

The possibility to connect the fitness tracker to your smartphone comes as a nice advantage if you don’t want to miss any important calls or texts while you’re in the pool. Besides, connectivity can bring a host of other benefits.

For instance, it can let you connect to your phone’s GPS for more accurate monitoring during walking or hiking. Some fitness trackers may even allow NFC payments or sync data with your other devices.

5. Sport Modes

Besides accompanying you in the pool, a fitness tracker must also be able to monitor your athletic performance when you’re not swimming. Whether it’s walking, running, hiking, or tracking another specific sport, the sport modes are designed to recognize specific movements associated with these activities and give more accurate results on your performance and consumed calories.

6. Heart Rate Monitoring

Another important feature you should look for in an exercise tracker for swimming is heart rate monitoring. This feature will not only help you maximize performance, but it can predict heart diseases and help you prevent a stroke by keeping under control your resting heart rate.

Keep in mind though that not all fitness heart rate monitor were created equal. Some smart trackers may only monitor your heart rate during exercise. If you want a more accurate overview of your health, get a device that monitors your heart rate 24/7.

7. Sleep Monitoring

Several fitness and heart rate monitors also incorporate a feature users swear by, sleep monitoring. Designed for those who feel tired throughout the day without apparent reason, this feature tracks your sleep routine and informs you about the quality of your sleep.

Since sleep disturbances are common in modern society, it could be a great idea to monitor your rest so you can detect any issues as quickly as possible.

Apart from all the above, fitness and sleep trackers may also have other features, such as daily alarms, sedentary time alarms, and more. Consider everything you might need from such a device and choose accordingly, to make sure you get the best fitness tracker for swimming for you.

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