Best Titanium and Steel Dive Knives - 2020 Reviews

Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium Diving Knife (Blunt Tip)
Aqua Lung Argonaut Titanium Diving Knife (Blunt Tip)

Beginning our round-up, this ultra-versatile dive knife turns into a useful EDC item whenever you’re out of the water. It’s a great choice for diving, hiking, or surviving in the wilds.

A 4 7/8 inch blade is long enough to slice through most obstacles, while the handle is just as long as the blade, ensuring a comfortable grip. We like the sward-style shape of the blade that makes it easier to push it through things should you have to.

Two tip options – blunt or Spartan – let you choose the knife that best suits your needs. On the handle bottom, there is also a butt you can use for crushing, hammering, or braking.

Like most dive knives, it is housed in a lockable sheath you can mount on your leg with two rubber straps. 

A detail that makes the difference between this knife and all others is the paracord on the handle. Needless to say how useful this detail can be in multiple circumstances. 

Made to last forever, it comes with a 4mm-thick titanium blade with EDP coating, and it resists rust and corrosion beautifully. It doesn’t come cheap, but we can only recommend it.

Atomic Aquatics Ti6 Titanium Durable Corrosion-Resistant Dive Knife with Lockable Sheath and Quick-Adjust Straps for Scuba Diving, Snorkeling -...

Next entry on our list of the best dive knives, the Atomic Aquatics presents itself as an elegant tool that won’t hinder the wow effect of your stylish wetsuit. It has a 4-inch blade with both serrated and smooth edges. 

A large line-cutting notch makes it easier to untangle either yourself or the marine wildlife, while the ergonomic handle allows for no-frills maneuverability. 

Beautifully crafted in honed full-tang titanium, the blade resists rust and corrosion. It needs little maintenance, basically just a quick wash with fresh water as soon as you get out of the ocean. 

This pointed tip knife is housed in a convenient locking sheath from where you can release it with a simple touch of a button. Adjustable sheath straps make it easy to secure it to your leg; this model is not suitable to hold on a BCD, but you could get creative and find a solution if you really want to. 

It doesn’t come in multiple colors, so you’ll have to settle for the all-black design. You can choose the variant with blunt tip, though, if that type suits you best. A tad on the expensive side, but undoubtedly worth every dime. 

Audeamus Titanium Dive Knife with Straps and Sheath for Diving, Fishing, and Spearfishing -No Rust | Light Weight

Another titanium knife that has made it to our list is this one from Audeamus; indeed, it boasts a titanium alloy blade designed to resist rust and corrosion. Needless to say, this guarantees little to no maintenance in the long run. 

Ideal for diving with scuba fins but also for fishing or to use for camping and survival, this knife impresses with a 5-inch blade with straight and serrated edges. A wire cutter enhances versatility, helping you cut any fishing wire or ropes should you have to. 

Audeamus Titanium Dive Knife with Straps and Sheath for Diving, Fishing, and Spearfishing -No Rust | Light Weight

Another nice feature is the premium locking sheath mechanism that keeps your knife secure underwater and releases it with just a simple click. Furthermore, two heavy-duty leg straps also ensure the tool is safely positioned within easy reach. 

Sure, you’ll have to pay for all these features. However, the knife comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you can buy in all safety.

SCUBAPRO Mako Titanium Diving Knife with 3.5-Inch Blade

Scubapro couldn’t have missed from this list and impresses with Mako, a small diving knife designed majorly for fish line cutting and other light activities. 

It’s made from high-quality titanium and is very lightweight, but it is quite expensive considering it’s on the smaller side. Another slight drawback is the adjustable leg strap that simply doesn’t feel long enough to fit most legs. 

While you can’t do anything about the blade length, the strap is easy to replace though. 

To counterbalance these flaws, the knife boasts a multi-functional design that lets you use it for anything from diving to recreational purposes. Two edges, a conventional and a serrated one, enhance versatility. 

The hardened titanium blade is rust and corrosion resistant, while the convenient sheath has a locking mechanism that allows for quick one-hand release. 

Apart from the dual edges for slicing and sawing, the knife also boasts a rope notch for cutting small ropes and fishing line as well as a bottle opener for after-dive convenience and fun. 

Small yet mighty, the Scubapro Mako is undeniably a worthy scuba knife to have in your pocket if you don’t mind the heftier price. 

Promate Sharp Tip Titanium Diving Knife (5 Blade), Black

Dubbed the best dive knife by most divers, the Promate Barracuda is a valuable asset to have at hand when adventuring underwater. Whether it’s cutting entangling fishing line or rap on the tank to get your buddy’s attention, this tool has all it needs to be your trustworthy companion.

This knife boasts a solid titanium blade; it’s rust and corrosion resistant, and all it needs is a quick rinse-off to stay in the best conditions. 

A titanium hammer on the bottom of the handle preserves the blade if you have to rap the knife on the tank. 

Made with the professional diver in mind, it has a very sharp 5-inch blade with a line-cutting notch, so you can easily avoid getting tangled in fish lines or ropes. Perhaps the best feature is the dual blade design with sharp cutting edge on one side and a serrated edge for sawing on the other side. 

Ideal to hold as a leg attachment, the Barracuda comes with a pair of quick-release and adjustable rubber straps you can also use to attach the tool to a diving vest should you wear one. 

Another awesome thing is the easy maintenance ensured by the super-quick disassembling. Rinsing the knife with fresh water after your dive is all it takes to keep it in the best condition for a long time. 

It might be on the expensive side and harder to sharpen than steel knives when the blade goes blunt; yet, this is undoubtedly one of the best dive knives you can get and is worth every dime. 

Promate Sharp Tip Titanium Dive Knife - KF593, Blue/Black, Sharp Tip

Promate’s counterpart to Cressi is this scuba knife with a 4 3/8 inches blade. Like the Barracuda, it’s made from titanium and boasts an easy-grip rubber molded handle so it doesn’t slip when holding it underwater. 

The pointed dual-sided blade presents a smooth edge as well as a serrated one; however, the teeth of the serrated side are not so prominent as you could expect. Indeed, they look more like the teeth on a survival knife than of a dive one. 

Despite this slight drawback, the knife is lightweight and easy to maneuver. A titanium hammer on the handle bottom enhances versatility, while the sheath and adjustable strap keep the blade protected and let you secure the tool on your leg. 

Promate Sharp Tip Titanium Dive Knife - KF593, Blue/Black, Sharp Tip

Like you’d expect from a diving knife, this one also has a wire-cutting notch on the blade, so you can prevent getting tangled in fishing line or ropes. 

Another thing we like is the rubber handle that comes in a selection of bright colors you can easily spot under the water. Our favorite is neon yellow for its high visual impact, but you can choose from other hues too. 

Furthermore, the knife also comes in a blunt tip variant should you prefer it to the pointed one. 

Our Top Choices - Stainless Steel Scuba Diving Knives

Benchmade - 112SBK-BLK H20 Fixed Knife, Opposing Bevel With Blunt Tip And Integrated Rescue Hook Blade, Serrated Edge, Black Santoprene Handle

The Benchmade H2O is a rather new entry in the dive knives world, but it has already managed to gain a share of adepts. We have mixed feelings about it due to the excessive price, considering the blade is made of steel and not titanium. 

Yet, this tactical knife was built with the military elite in mind, and most EDC items are expensive. 

Designed and manufactured in the USA, it comes with a laser mark customizable blade and is housed in a truly stylish yet sturdy sheath made from injection-molded plastic. Two strap notches on each side of the sheath give multiple mounting options either on your leg or on a BCD. 

Benchmade - 112SBK-BLK H20 Fixed Knife, Opposing Bevel With Blunt Tip And Integrated Rescue Hook Blade, Serrated Edge, Black Santoprene Handle

The H2O knife has a fixed blade design with a molded rubber handle for easier maneuvering and anti-slip properties underwater. At 3.5 inches, the blade is on the short side, but still long enough to help you cut through fishing lines and nets with incredible ease. 

It only comes in one color and with a blunt tip, so if you’re looking for color choice versatility or a pointed tip, keep looking. Otherwise, if you don’t mind its cost and like its qualities, you can definitely give it a try. 

Cressi Skorpion, Orange

From the Italian brand Cressi, the Skorpion dive knife comes as a quality low-cost choice. Undoubtedly cheaper than the Barracuda, this modern tool boasts a last-generation design and mid-size dimensions, suiting both men and women. 

It has a resistant, tempered blade made of AISI 304 steel, and like any dive knife that respects itself, it comes with both serrated and smooth edge with an incorporated wire cutter. Regardless of what edge you have to use, they are both razor-sharp and very easy to sharpen should they go blunt. 

The Skorpion comes in two styles with either pointed or blunt tip and has a total length of 9 1/8 inches, with a 4 3/8-inch blade. 

A sheath with locking mechanism and one-hand release let you carry the tool in all safety, while two standard straps let you attach it to your leg for easy access when you’re underneath the water. 

While the steel blade is undoubtedly sharper than titanium, it needs a bit more maintenance and consideration if you don’t want it to be subject to rust and corrosion. That said, this knife comes at a price that won’t break the bank and can undoubtedly bring true value for money. 

Promate Blunt Tip Scuba Diving Knife (4 3/8' Blade), Black

This stainless steel Promate with 5-inch blade is one of the range-toppers we discovered while looking for the best dive knife. It’s slightly costlier than Cressi considering that it’s made from the same material, but users swear by its quality. 

Now, before digging deeper into the matter, let me tell you this is a pointed tip knife. If you’re looking for one with a blunt blade, move on. 

If you don’t mind this design particular, though, you might simply fall heads over heels for this tool. Claiming that’s it’s pointed would be an understatement. The blade has razor-sharp edges – both smooth and serrated – and a truly sharp point that can easily pierce through a fish’s skin in case some dangerous marine wildlife attacks you while you’re exploring the depths of the ocean. 

A quick-release system ensures easy access, while adjustable straps and robust sheath keep the knife secure and protected. 

Slightly smaller than the Cressi above, it features a 5-inch blade and an overall length of 10.5 inches. Furthermore, you can also choose from a selection of neon color details that make it more visible underwater. 

Borg [Pointed Tip] - Grey

Coming in two variants with either pointed or blunt tip, the Cressi Borg is a modern diving knife that impresses with a futuristic design and a strong tempered blade made of 304 Japanese stainless steel. 

Like most dive knives, it has both straight and serrated edges along the blade. Sharpness is unbeatable regardless of which side you decide to use, while a wire cutter continuing the serrated pattern adds further value. 

Lightweight and easy to handle, the Borg also impresses with an ergonomic design and rubber grip, so it doesn’t slip in the water even if you’re wearing gloves. A small thumb tab in technopolymer separates the blade from the handle and makes it easier to insert and take out from its sheath. 

As you would expect from a dive knife, the Cressi Borg also comes with a sturdy leg strap that lets you keep the tool within easy reach. 

Definitely cheaper than many other knives, this model has a blade length of 5.51 inches and a total length of 10.43 inches. Just what you need for easy tackling of most underwater applications. 

When Buying a Scuba Dive Knife

The use of stainless steel makes a dive knife heavy. This is the reason why most new scuba diving knife brands and models are made of titanium.

A dive knife has a holder called sheath with a quick release button and an adjustable strap where you can securely and safely fasten it in your body, which is typically attached on the lower leg part.

Especially the blade of a diving knife, is made from a material that can withstand the elements present in our diving environment, like salt which can lead to corrosion. Stainless steel is one of the conventional metal used in making a dive knife, and its anti-corrosion properties is made possible through the addition of carbon on its alloy. Titanium diving knives are generally lighter in weight as compared to their stainless steel counterparts. On top of the weight difference, another significant distinction for titanium diving knives is that they are virtually corrosion resistant. It is made up of a transition metal that has a low density but high in strength and can perpetually withstand the corrosive effects of saltwater and chlorine enriched water.

On top of selecting a titanium-based diving knife, you have to remember that there are certain features that you need to consider before purchasing one. The blade must have a serrated edge where you can use it to cut high-density ropes and small cables. It should also have a blunt butt which can function either as a pounding mechanism or tank banger which can assist you in calling the attention of your buddy and the rest of the group.

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