Best Suunto Watch (Dive Computers) for Scuba Diving - 2021 Reviews

Suunto Vyper Novo White Dive Computer Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter Sft Bag

Since 1936 Suunto has been around making compasses, navigation systems, watch-sized dive computers and so much more to get an edge on the competition. Based in Finland, Tuomas Vohlonen created the mass production of liquid filled compasses and progressed from there.

Suunto actually means “direction”. After years and years of developing and perfecting their technology they have designed a great line of Dive Computers including the Zoop Dive Computer, Suunto D4i and Suunto D4i Novo. They start off affordable with all of the functions and features you need as a recreational diver and commercial and then they go up in price and have all of the bells and whistles for the experienced diver with log books, and other features a professional scuba diver will need.

SUUNTO Zoop Novo Wrist Scuba Diving Computer, Lime, Without USB

Suunto is renowned worldwide for its state-of-the-art smartwatches and sports wearables, and the Zoop Novo is no exception. It’s one of the most affordable dive computers manufactured by the brand, an excellent product designed with the recreational divers in mind. 

Lightweight and comfortable to wear, it displays all important information at a glance. Most users love the super-sized backlit display that makes it easy to spot all key dive data. Five dive modes allow you to choose from air, nitrox, gauge, free, and off, while the straightforward interface makes it easy to navigate through the menu. 

Perfect for experienced amateurs, this wrist dive computer has an operating depth of 262 feet (80 meters) and is quite intuitive to use. 

However, it might not be the best choice for a beginner. If you haven’t owned a dive computer before, the Zoop Novo’s user manual is simply too complicated for a newbie to understand, and some of the information in it is inaccurate and misleading. 

Sure, this shouldn’t be an issue for a diver who already knows how a dive computer is supposed to work and which warnings you can or can’t ignore. For everyone else, though, perhaps looking for a different model or brand like Oceanic watches or Shearwater Research would be a better choice. 

SUUNTO Eon Core Wrist Dive Computer with Transmitter & USB, Eon Core Black, with Transmitter

Suunto Eon Core might not have the traditional smartwatch design most wrist dive computers are famous for, but its peculiar shape packs a myriad of interesting features. 

Visually intuitive, this model boasts an always-on LED display and high color contrast screen that makes it easy to monitor your diving metrics. The classic dive computer design of the display and graphical styles also enhances safety. 

Made to adapt to all diving modes, the Eon Core impresses with fully customizable features, such as the Suunto CustomDisplay, while the user-updatable software ensures your system is always up to the challenge. 

SUUNTO Eon Core Wrist Dive Computer with Transmitter & USB, Eon Core Black, with Transmitter

Designed with all divers in mind, this model boasts gauge, nitrox, air, trimix, and CCR modes. Furthermore, the Fused RGBM algorithm allows you to maximize diving time. 

It misses a decompression dive planner; considering the price, it’s easy to call this a drawback. However, you’ll undoubtedly love the Suunto Movescount App that lets you keep a diary of your dives and share your underwater adventures in real-time. 

Guaranteed to 262 feet depth, this dive computer can also keep a 200-hour logbook and includes multiple audible and visual alarms designed to enhance your safety while exploring the ocean. 

Other highlights include the possibility to switch from metric to imperial measurements, multi-language functionality, and the capability to monitor the tank pressure for up to 10 divers – a feature that makes it ideal for diving schools or independent instructors. 

Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer

The D4F is a lightweight and capable freediving computer that can be used for a range of apnea applications, including freediving, snorkeling, and spearfishing. It is designed to allow you to fully concentrate on your dive, displaying all necessary information to help you stay safe. 

Indeed, this wrist dive computer displays your current and maximum depth up to 330 feet, and it also calculates dive time and surface intervals. 

Both a reliable instrument for underwater applications and an elegant timepiece for everyday wear, it boasts a lightweight construction and comfortable elastomer wristband. 

Suunto D4F Black Freedive Computer

Multiple diving functions also include an apnea timer you can use to improve your breathing technique and boast performance. 

Like the Eon Core, the D4F is compatible with the Movescount and DM5 apps. The former allows you to share short stories, photos, videos, and location information with your friends. The latter allows you to download your dive data for an in-depth analysis of your performance. 

Packing the same performance as the popular D4i we’ll review below, this is the best Suunto dive computer specifically made for freedivers. 

Suunto D4I Diving Watch Novo Black With Usb

As its name suggests, the D4i is nothing but the all-round version of D4F’s Suunto dive computer. While it includes a freediving mode, this wearable is designed with all divers in mind and has four modes that allow monitoring most free and scuba diving applications. 

A revamped design compared to the freediving-specific wearable includes a new range of colors and soft silicone rather than elastomer strap. 

Lightweight and packed with practical features, this dive computer boasts an integrated wireless reading of optional air consumption and comes with a timer for the air/nitrox mode. 

Suunto D4I Diving Watch Novo Black With Usb

While we like the reliable functionality of this device, we can’t say the same about its ease of use, though. The side buttons are intuitive but rather small and difficult to press, especially if you wear gloves. 

The characters also feel a bit smaller, while little contrast on the screen makes them a bit difficult to see when there is not so much light. Luckily, the watch has a backlight mode you can use for improved visibility in low light conditions. 

All in all, the computer works beautifully, and once you get used to it, you’ll most likely love it. Backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and coming in an array of colors, this is a great choice if you need a reliable device at an affordable price point. 

SUUNTO Cobra Dive Computer Console (Cobra 3 Black)

While Suunto is famous for its wrist dive computers, the brand also manufactures a series of reliable dive computer consoles. The Cobra is one of these models, a programmable dive computer for 21% to 50% oxygen mixtures. 

The device boasts three modes, including air, nitrox, and gauge, and it is designed specifically for scuba. It doesn’t have a freediving mode, which is quite a pity as you won’t be able to use it for breathing technique training. 

We can’t consider this a flaw, though, as the Cobra wasn’t built for apnea. This versatile device works at depths up to 492 feet and is designed to calculate your air consumption and help you resurface as safely as possible. 

Ideal for all divers, it also lets you switch between imperial and metric modes. Furthermore, it pairs with the Suunto SK compass and quick connector, letting you create the perfect diving console. 

Perfect to use both underwater and on land and coming at a price that won’t break the bank, the Cobra dive computer console is a great choice for those who don’t really like the wrist dive computer design for one reason or another. 

Suunto D5 Black Lime Dive Computerwith Color Screen And Exchangeable Straps

Developed on the same interface as the Eon Core we reviewed above but packing a wealth of additional features, the D5 is a watch-sized dive computer designed to address all diving needs. It boasts four modes and is compatible with 3-gas mixtures, adding versatility and enhancing your safety underwater. 

Indeed, this device delivers all crucial data directly to your wrist, so you can easily check it while focusing on your dive. The three-button menu and intuitive interface make it a breeze to use even by beginners. 

Suunto D5 Black Lime Dive Computerwith Color Screen And Exchangeable Straps

A convenient Switch Window lets you choose which data you want to see first, from location, depth, or air levels. 

Wireless mobile connectivity allows you to download logbooks to your phone and make periodical updates. Furthermore, we truly like the Vibra function that emits gentle vibration alerts warning you of safety stops, depths, dive time, and air levels without disturbing other divers. 

Another nice feature is the wireless tank pressure monitoring – a thing that comes in handy if you don’t want to be disturbed by annoying hoses. 

Resistant to 330 feet, the D5 doubles as a digital watch with integrated airplane mode; it is compatible with 3-gas mixtures from 21% to 99%, and the full-color display with adjustable backlight makes it easy to see in all circumstances. 

From in-depth information on your dive to countless on-land applications, the D5 is no doubt one of the best Suunto dive computers you can find. 

SUUNTO D6I NOVO White With USB & Suunto Wireless Tank Pressure Transmitter Led w/ DiveCatalog's Sticker

Designed with the professional divers in mind, the D6i is one of the most performing wrist dive computers manufactured by the Finnish brand. It’s suitable for avid divers or diving instructors and boasts a host of interesting functions, including 5 dive modes – air, nitrox, depth timer, freedive, and off. 

Easy to read and comfortable to wear, the D6i features integrated calculation of air consumption and wireless transmission; two functionalities developed to enhance your safety while exploring the deep blue. 

The possibility to change up to 3 gas mixtures with up to 99% oxygen also adds versatility to the game. 

This exceptional tool also incorporates a 3D digital compass and utilizes an advanced decompression algorithm that boosts safety during ascents. 

Features and functionalities apart, the D6i also impresses with sleek lines and an attractive design that make it suitable to use as a watch in everyday life. 

Suunto Core, Ultimate Black

Suunto Core wrist-top computer watch is not designed specifically for diving, but it’s a great choice for amateur snorkelers looking for a cheaper scuba dive watch. Featuring a compass and depth meter, it’s ideal for snorkeling in shallow waters or freediving. 

Dive-specific functions include current and maximum depth reached during your diving activity; however, it doesn’t provide alerts, nor does it have multiple dive modes. 

Fitting anyone with an active lifestyle, the Suunto Core also incorporates an altimeter and barometer designed to track your vertical movement and trends in air pressure. 

Suunto Core, Ultimate Black

You can monitor your current elevation as well as ascent and descent speeds, so you can record your athletic progress. Watch functions include dual time, date, sports chronograph, countdown timer, and daily alarm. 

When you’re out of the water, the computer tracks both the weather and the sun for you. Indeed, the computer provides a weather trend graph, storm alarms, and preset sunrise and sunset for over 400 locations. 

We also like the activity planner and the fact that the watch is stylish, lightweight, and comfortable to wear 24/7. Backed by a 2-year warranty, this is a great Suunto dive computer for newbies on a budget. 

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