Snorkeling in San Diego

Snorkeling San Diego

When you think of San Diego I am sure you think of surfing, different sporting events with the Chargers (football), Padres (baseball), the sunshine and its beautiful scenery but snorkeling? Who would have thought. That's why I have done the research and been to the sights to tell you how great it actually is! Snorkeling in San Diego is amazing if you hit it right you will see amazing pastel colored fish, amazing coral features and it's the last place you would think.

Here are a few places you can go and check out the sights along with finding some world class snorkeling!

La Jolla Shores

Just South of the Marine Room Restaurant and north of Scripps Pier you will find La Jolla Shores. You will have a great sandy entrance but be careful once it is hot so make sure you have some neoprene socks or even booties to protect your feet. This 1 mile long beach is beautiful and in the summer months has the calmest of waves ideal for snorkeling. There is a lifeguard on duty patrolled by the Sand Diego Lifeguards which is great for your family and is quite shallow at times so it is a great starting spot!

snorkeling san diego

This is an ecological preserve and offers a wide arrangement of fish but DO NOT touch and take anything out of the sea from this area. You will see sand dollars, halibut, stingrays, corbina, colorful red and purple sea beds of coral, and even sea lions from a distance.

La Jolla Cove

Now this is La Jolla Cove so try not to get the two confused and also La Jolla Cove is a cove so it is more protected and is pretty busy but still work a visit. If you are planning on checking this location out, I would recommend going early morning to get a nice beach spot. The water is protected by being in the cove and has a warmer temperature in the water because it doesn't have the waves stirring up the water.

As it is a protected like La Jolla Shores this 6000 acre reserve has underwater caves and canyons that span for miles. You can find Rock fish, Halibut, Sheephead, Garibaldi, Sea Urchins, Sea Stars and much more.

As it is known for the caves in the cove if you are comfortable swimmer, make sure you know the lay of the land and always ask locals if need be if you are unsure and then check out 7-10 different amazing caves. Make sure the conditions are right and then it takes about 10 minutes to swim over there and take a snorkel vest with you for safety to always air on the side of caution. You will see amazing rock formations and many more fishes! You can see sea lions hanging out on the rocks enjoying the sun just as much as you!

Mission Bay

Mission Bay is a safe, shallow, quiet cove that has just as amazing sights and views as the rest of the locations through San Diego. Great for the whole family it has 27 miles of shoreline and 19 miles of sandy beach ideal for snorkeling. You want to check out Mission Beach Point though which is at the end of Mission Blvd. With all of the beach front you will want to make sure you have a snorkeling bag so you can fit all of your snorkel gear in it to go from one point to another because there is so much to see.  There has been sightings of octopuses, lobster, bass and much more. It has so much wildlife not only in the ocean but many different species of birds for you bird lovers.

There are lifeguards on duty and at most beaches you will find showers and restrooms with lots of options for food. Most only take cash though so make sure you have a couple dollars just in case.  

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Snorkeling Tours

Snorkels and Diego Scuba

If you are not up for going on a snorkeling excursion by yourself or with the family and need some guidance check out Snorkels an Diego Scuba.

You can check out tours that head through La Jolla to see what I have described above for $70.00 which includes guided group tour, gear and wetsuits.

The Leopard Shark Experience will take you up close and personal with these docile creatures and is great for the whole family. It is also $70.00 including guided group tour, gear and wetsuits.

For more information check out this information:

Phone: (858) 539-0054


Address: 3939 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, California 92109

La Jolla Cove: 1133 -1188 Coast Boulevard
La Jolla, California 92037


Everyday California Adventures

With 2 options to choose from whether it be the Original Snorkeling Tour or the Kayak and Snorkel Tour you are assured to have a great time!

The Original Snorkeling Tour takes you through La Jolla and two of their experienced snorkel guides with take you through the reserve to see amazing marine life. You will see Garibalidi, Turtles just as some of the fish swimming around and then into two of the four microhabitats for even more exquisite sites! You must be able to swim comfortably but you will always be in sight of the guides and Life Guards are on duty.

The Kayak and Snorkeling tour will take you our through different areas of the reserve and once you are at your spot you will set anchor with your kayaks secured and away you go in the water! It is like the Original Snorkeling Tour but you get a little more exercise with kayaking and can see more of the shoreline and water from a higher viewpoint. You must be 8 years old and once again be comfortable swimming in the water.

Address: 2261 Avenida de la Playa, La Jolla, CA 92037.



Telephone : 858-454-6195

Overall San Diego is a great place to snorkel no matter where you are.  There are lots of options to go and many different vendors to choose from.  Enjoy the water and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

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