Ghost Drift 4k Underwater Camera Review

So you are looking to buy an underwater camera or videocamera?  This is the right place to read upon what is good and what isn’t recently I have purchased a Drift Innovation Ghost 4K Action Camera.  I had been doing a lot of research thinking that a GoPro was the way to go but after doing a lot of research I found out that the Drift Ghost 4K had a lot more to offer and was way more durable.  Not only that though but it was the amazing quality of the pictures and videos that I was able to capture underwater and on land.  

Ghost Drift 4K Underwater Camera

Firstly you can get into the camera pretty cheap and without all of the bells (waterproof cover, LCD, mounting systems) and whistles it works great.  When you first purchase a Drift Ghost 4K, it’s lightweight, durable (I have dropped mine without the case a few times and it still works and hasn't even chipped or scratched), and so easy to use.

Sting Ray

String Ray Caught With the Ghost Drift 4k

There are 3 buttons on the top of the camera and at the back there is a small display screen so you can see everything clearly.  The top 3 buttons include the power button and picture/video camera operation to start and stop along with taking pictures.  The middle button allows you to switch between all of the settings and modes which there are lots of to choose from to allow of optimal quality and better modes for pictures and movies.  The button at the back allows for the wifi and switching of the settings.  I am not someone who gets along with technology but this camera has actually made it easy to do so.  

Without having the additional side screen which I will talk about later on there is a great app that you can download to your phone or tablet so you can see what you are doing in a clear bigger picture.  Once you have downloaded the app. Go to the website.

Download away.  In this additional setting you can free range to see all the pictures, freeze movies to get the right picture and so much more.  

Ghost Drift 4k Features

I will now talk about all of the features that the camera has to offer:

Video Mode:

Without the LCD screen on the side, at the back of the camera it will be green light on the LED screen so you can see very easily that you are in video mode.  All you have to do is press the play button (quick NOTE) you only need to hit it quickly because if you hit it and hold it down you will just turn the camera on and off) so just tap it!

In the video settings there is a resolution and frame rate so you can change accordingly.  After you have taken your video you can also freeze still frames to make excellent photos along with great videos.

Timelapse Mode:

With the settings of resolution and time lapse interval this mode makes it easy to take a bunch of pictures with different interval rates.  This also comes in handy when you are wearing the adjustable watch so you can take pictures from a set point and have great pictures and videos for years to come.

At the back of the camera the light will show purple so you know along with seeing the back light.

Photo Mode

Very standard and self explanatory but you can change your field of view for your photos to make it a wider angle of 90, 115, 140 degrees so for the longer landscape pictures they look great and for closer more specific pictures you can hone in more clearly.

You get a yellow LED light that will also shine to see the best shot and to know what mode you are in.

Photoburst Mode:

This is my favorite mode for lots of reasons.  You can change the resolution and the burst duration/ capture rate, which I find in handy when I am snorkeling or diving because when the fish are swimming around you can put the burst on and when they swim in and out of your field of view you are able to get the right picture at the right time.

Overall Features - There are lots more features and functions than most cameras I have used and with the 4K camera the photos come out fantastic especially under water.


A lot of websites don’t actually tell you what you get when you are buying the product but I am going to list all of the settings that come with the camera so you can compare and contrast.

Wi-Fi                                   Off/On

Wi-Fi Frequency               2.4 / 5.8 GHz

Pair remote                      Paired/unpaired

Reset                                  RC/Reset

Field of View                      90/115/140 degrees

Exposure                           -2/-1/0/1/2 Be cautious so you don’t get a white photo

Self Timer                           Off/ 3s/5s/10s

Bite Rate                             High/ Medium/ Low

Filters                                   Normal/Vivid/Low light/Water

ISO sensitivity                     100/ 200/ 400/ 800/ Auto

Video Tagging                      Yes/No

Video Tagging interval        10s/ 30s/ 1 min/ 2 min/ 5 min/ 10 min

Car DVR                                  Off/ On

Car DVR loop int                   1 min/ 2 min/ 5 min/ 10 min

Simultaneous Photo            Off/ On

Simultaneous Photo interval 2s/ 5s/ 10s/ 30s/ 1 min/ 2 min/ 5 min/ 10 min

Video stabilization                Off/On

Microphone                           Front/ Rear

Mic Sensitivity                       Off/ Low/ Med/ High

Speaker Volume                   Off/ Low/ Med/ High

LED status indicator             Off/ On

Indicator timer                      Off/ 5s/ 10s/ 20s/ 1 min

Instant record                        Yes/ No

Video Standard All/ NTSC/ PAL/ Cinematic

Date                                         YY/MM/DD

Date stamp                             On/ Off

Default start up more            Resume last session/ Video/ Photo/ Timelapse/ photoburst

Camera Off                              no/ 2 min/ 5 min/ 10 min/ 20 min

THM Files                         On/ Off

Language                         EN/ CN

Reset settings                  Yes/ No

Format SD Card                Yes/ No

So as you can see there are endless options to make your photos great and it is very simple.  A few quick taps of the buttons and away you go.


This makes life easy for anything you are doing.  The camera is specifically designed for action photos and videos so the camera is meant to last and the best part is when you get the waterproof case it also makes it easier for any sport you do!

The clip goes on and there is a 360 degree orientation so you can point it anywhere once you have attached it to the mount.  Just make sure you secure the adaptor with your hand.

Now for those of you who are snorkeling and diving, unfortunately it does not come with a safety strap but there are small circles on either side that you can attach a strap to it and it works great!

It comes with a suction mount so you can strap it to your helmet, board, boat, whatever you like!

Additional mounts can be bought which are:

Pivot mount - This mount sticks to almost any surface and get any point of view you can attach it to curved and flat surfaces.

Handlebar Mount - compatible from 19 mm to 36 mm and can move up to 180 degrees.  Just click here to see more

Suction Cup Mount - great to suction to non porous surfaces  and great for the car, boat, or even body work.  Can rotate 360 degrees.  Just Click here to look at the full specs

Using the Remote!

Now this is one of the coolest features for all reasons I must say.  So the remote is a watch and all you have to do is scroll to activate it on and “pair remote”.  Once it confirms that you are paired you are ready to rock!

The watch shows the light in which corresponds to what mode you are it.

Green - video

Yellow - photo

Purple - timelapse

Cyan - photoburst

You can cycle through the settings once the camera is set and then control the pictures and filming.  As I said this feature is cool so from the boat, bike, or car you can make magic happen!

Waterproof Casing:

This I would recommend for anyone whether you are snorkeling, diving, riding or driving.  Waterproof is always a great thing to have.  This spring loaded hatch makes it easy to secure and keep your Ghost 4K Drift camera safe.  The mounting piece is still on the side to make it easy to mount somewhere or hold as is when you are taking pictures.  It is great to 40m or 131 ft.  For all recreational divers this is great!  It also keeps the camera safe when you drop it (trust me, I have dropped mine numerous times and it works great still with no nicks or scratches even). Just click on the case to find out more!

LCD Module

If you are diving or are somewhere that makes having your phone or tablet handy the LCD screen is my favorite choice out of all the additional features.  I take it when I go diving and snorkeling (make sure you rinse off the salt if you are in that type of water) and I can check my pictures even when I am underwater.  Once you are on land or in my case most often, on the boat I can scroll through my photos very easily!

When you swipe your finger down you can check out your pictures, scroll through them and delete them very easily.  (Click on the camera to find more details)

When you swipe your finger right you have access to all of the functions and features to change through including Field of View, ISO, BIT, Wi-Fi, battery life, camera modes, power modes and all of the settings listed above!

Swiping down you get to choose what type of mode you would like with time lapse, photo, and burst.  

When you swipe left you have your speaker options, THM files, Start up modes, and other specific features.

Having the LCD module makes it very easy and simple to maneuver through settings and functions for a very cheap price.

Overall thoughts!

As you can see there are so many more functions and options than the GoPro and I have found mine very durable and again what makes it great is how easy it is to switch through functions when you are underwater.  You get great photos that are clear and you don’t need special filters that cost lots of money and you still get great quality photos for a great price. I highly recommend this camera for all of your outdoor needs!