Camera Snorkel Mask Reviews

Throughout a lot of this site I have reviewed different cameras, masks and now I am going to talk about the pro’s and con’s of having a Camera Snorkel Mask and review some of the best and the worst. I will also talk about snorkeling mask with camera, underwater goggles with a camera, underwater digital camera mask, liquid image camera mask and face mask camera’s. I know these sound a little redundant but I will explain the difference between them all momentarily.

camera snorkel mask reviews

For specific links to more in depth cameras or masks I will link in green to other articles throughout this website that will tell you about other products that may interest you for snorkeling with cameras.

Snorkeling Mask with Camera

There are lots of pros and cons for having a snorkeling mask with a camera and here they are:


If you are new to snorkeling and want to capture all of the fun without the hassle you are in luck, there are lots of options for this. There are camera mounts for regular snorkel masks, panoramic snorkel masks (full face masks), and believe it or not you can get a mount for regular goggles to! This enables you to free your hands up and focus on what you are doing. This is great for beginners, pros or people who just want to enjoy snorkeling without the hassle of carrying something.

Top 3 picks
Octomask Snorkeling and Dive mask

This mask is ideal for all GoPro cameras and mounts.  Your regular 2 pained glass allows of optimal vision and sight with anti-fog technology and silicone skirt it is guaranteed to fit or your money back.  At a great price you will see just as well as your camera.

Comes in a few different colors and will see what you sea!  The camera is sold separately.   

Wildhorn Outfitters

This mask has the Seaview 180 degree GoPro Snorkel compatible Snorkel Mask.  If you are uncomfortable with breathing through your mouth into a snorkel or keep getting water in your snorkel going to your mouth this makes life easier.  You can breathe how you would any other day with the freedom and comfort that a mask or goggle doesn't provide.  

It is compatible with most GoPros and a few other camera set ups that are knock off versions that work just as well they just don't have the GoPro Name, if the attachment doesn't fit though for cheap you have another descent camera.


is an innovator is new technology and if you don't want to wear a snorkel mask or full face mask and only have goggles this is a great way to attach a GoPro Hero 1,2,3+,4 to your goggles and enjoy your snorkeling or just swimming over and over!  

At a great price with lots of colors you can not only attach it to just goggles but also your strap with your mask in case you already have a really good mask and it interchanges with all straps.

Now that you can see what snorkeling with a camera attached to your head looks like you will have a better idea of what is happening. As you move the camera will move and you can pick up on marine life you may have missed.

Reasonable price - The good news is you can get a camera and mask for very cheap depending on how much you want to spend. Most cameras now are quite good for a decent price but remember if you are going cheap… you may get what you pay for.


Picture Quality - Even though as mentioned when you move the camera moves so you get to see everything you see. Unfortunately that is the bad news is because when you are first getting started or even moving around, believe it or not, your head moves much faster than you give it credit for. When you have a camera in your hands you are more aware and proficient with your camera. This is true whether you are taking videos or pictures because you cannot focus specifically with your eyes. You are guessing to an extent.

This is not to say with practice you won’t get better but again…. Food for thought.

Tiring - I know it is not a huge issue but having an extra pound with the mask and camera can add to an already tired activity if you are chasing marine life (to get pictures, not to capture them). You want this to be the least exhausting more enjoyable activity, which it is.

Picture Quality - With a regular waterproof camera you have functions and features and lots of attachment options. In the water you can pick up different back lights and what could look like a pristine picture could end up non existent once you are out of the water.  Check out National Geographic or Pixabay for amazing underwater photos.  These cameras are worth thousands and thousands though so unless it is your career I would chose one of these options.

Versatility - A big plus about having a underwater camera at control of your hands is that you can get different angles for pictures. If you are following a fish, looking under a crevasse and need to zoom you can do all of those functions! If you are new to snorkeling and need all controls of your hands though, this could be a negative.

Compatibility - Normally the camera and mask should fit but if it doesn’t you have a problem… Not as big as you would think though because you can still use it for underwater, you just need to hold it and I would recommend getting a wrist strap or some sort of connection from you to the camera so just in case you do not lose it.

On or Off - It can be tough to tell if the little light is on or off so you know your actually filming or taking pictures underwater.

Underwater Goggles with Camera

Just as mentioned above having a camera with goggles versus a mask or full face you are still going to have the same pros and cons except it depends on what is most comfortable for you.

Some people will use this more for their kids if they are playing around in the water or you are not even fully snorkeling but enjoying the sun and it is a cheap and inexpensive gift for kids that they will love. You can also get cheap camera such as the two below that are durable and have lots of gadgets.  Just click on either picture to find out more!

Underwater Digital Camera Mask

An underwater digital camera mask is a camera built into a mask. The best part about this is that you will never lose the camera unless you lose your mask as well!

Pro’s - On most models there is a LCD display and will show you recording time and number of photos so you know where you are at.

In some cases you can detach and reattach the camera to the mask.

Some will have a built in LED light for better quality.

Con’s - If you are diving they may only have a certain depth that they will reach but for snorkeling you should be fine because most can go up to 30 meters so if you are duck diving below that, very impressive!

Look to see the material of the goggles - silicone skirting, proper glass lens and adjustable straps. Some companies focus on the camera and forget about the mask itself which is very important.

Liquid Image Camera Mask

Liquid Image is a brand not a type of Camera Mask but that being said it offers so much more than your regular Camera Mask. The specific one we tested is the Liquid Image 305G XSC-xtreme sport Cam Hydra Series.

What is great about this product is that it is versatile in the fact you can use it for snorkeling or diving because it has a max depth of 130 ft or 40 m. It has a 720P Video and will shoot up to 30 frames per second. It also has a wider angle lens of 135 degrees to get a better shot. It has interchangeable memory cards that will get 2 hours of video or 700 pictures so that is a long time underwater!

The downside is that it is still a Camera Mask as noted in the cons earlier.

Overall Thoughts

Once again the biggest thought you need to think about is do you really need your hands when you are snorkeling? Do you need the freedom?  You can always get straps that attach to your camera and you won't have to worry about losing the camera and you can still be hands free.

On the other side having a camera on your head makes life easy.  One less thing to worry about or think about when you are travelling, heading to the beach and once you are finally in the water.  There is no option that is better than the other it is whether one works better for you or not!

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