Best Snorkel Gear - 2021 Reviews & Guide

We updated our top choices for best snorkel gear set for summer of 2021:

  1. Cressi Palau Mask Fin Snorkel Set >> Palau short fins, silicone two window mask, dry snorkel, mesh gearbag
  2. PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set >> tempered glass lens, impact resistant
  3. WACOOL Snorkeling Package Set for Adults >> good under-water visibility, tempered glass with anti-fog treatment
  4. OMORC Snorkel Set >> dry top snorkel, anti-fog snorkel mask, soft liquid silicone skirt
  5. U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set >> splash top with hydro-adhesion technology, fins with full foot pocket
  6. ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set >> panaromic view mask, trek fins, dry top snorkel, travel bag
  7. Greatever Dry Snorkel Set >> panaromic wide view anti-fog snorkel mask, tempered glass lenses
  8. Seavenger Adult and Kids Diving Snorkel Set >> short and powerful trek fins
  9. Adepoy Full Face Snorkeling Mask for Adults and Kids  >> detachable camera mount
  10. Cressi Panoramic Wide View Mask Dry Snorkel Set >> uninterrupted field of view, high quality silicone rubber skirt

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PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set for Adults - Tempered Glass Diving Mask, Anti-Fog Lens for Best Vision, Easy Adjustable Strap, Waterproof Snorkel...

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Praised by recreational snorkelers and also appreciated by snorkeling schools, Cressi Palau is one of the best snorkel gear sets on the market. It addresses beginners and experienced divers alike, impressing with its great value for money. 

The component that stands out is undoubtedly the Supernova Dry Snorkel. Made from transparent food-grade silicone, it has an innovative anti-splash system with automatically closing valve that prevents water from getting into your snorkel as you’re diving or in rough waters. An ergonomic mouthpiece also makes it comfortable enough to hold for hours. 

Praised is also the silicone, two-window Onda mask. Perhaps it’s not the most performing out there, but it provides a good field of view. The lateral view is a bit hindered, but the tempered glass lenses don’t distort the image and maintain the brightness of the underwater colors. 

The mask is easy to adjust and fits most face shapes and sizes. Furthermore, the skirt edge prevents leaks wonderfully. 

Cressi Palau also includes a pair of short, open-heel fins that add further value. However, they are quite hard to close securely despite the adjustable strap. To counterbalance this downside, the open heel design accommodates a wide range of foot sizes. 

Ideal for the avid traveler, the set comes packed in a convenient mesh carrying pouch. It might not be perfect, but it’s undoubtedly one of the best snorkel sets for the money.

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Atomic Venom Dive Mask SV2 Snorkel Combo

It may have no fins, but Atomic Venom stands out thanks to the quality of the equipment included in this combo. 

Available in black-silver or black-red, it consists of a Venom dive mask with low-volume single-lens design. The choice of ultra-clear Schott Superwite tempered glass lens delivers outstanding optical clarity and unobstructed forward vision. 

It also has pretty wide viewing angles, although the lateral vision is partly obstructed by the silicone frame. 

Hydrodynamic styling is ensured by the patented sub-frame that eliminates the need for an external frame. 

The double-layer silicone skirt also seals the mask securely and prevents leaks. Furthermore, its squeeze-to-adjust system makes it suitable for most adults and teens. 

The Atomic Aquatics SV2 semi-dry snorkel has a sleek, ergonomic design and is equipped with top horizontal vents that diffuse splashes. A scupper valve on the lower section allows for quick elimination of water. A unique feature is a rotating mouthpiece that improves comfort. 

Atomic Venom might not be the cheapest snorkel gear set out there, but it surely is a great choice for semi-professional divers and snorkelers. 

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Seavenger Diving Dry Top Snorkel Set with Trek Fin, Single Lens Mask and Gear Bag, S/M - Size 4.5 to 8.5, Gray/Dodger Blue

Seavenger Aviator is a quite nice set for the money. It is a perfect starter kit for beginners on a budget and comes in a variety of sizes that suit kids and adults alike. 

The kit includes all needed to start snorkeling straight out of the box. The single-lens mask offers a panoramic view and fits greatly as long as you don’t have a beard. An adjustable strap and quality silicone seal make it as comfortable as it can be on most face sizes. 

Perhaps the best thing about this mask is the unobstructed view and the wide lateral angles. 

It does fog a little, but users claim the issue is easy to solve with a bit of defogger applied before diving. The quality of the tempered glass lens is also great, delivering crystal clear images. 

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Seavenger Diving Dry Top Snorkel Set with Trek Fin, Single Lens Mask and Gear Bag, S/M - Size 4.5 to 8.5, Gray/Dodger Blue

The dry top snorkel is as comfortable as the mask. It has a food-grade hypoallergenic mouthpiece, and it’s easy to attach securely to the mask with a clip. The mechanism may block the airflow if you tip your head too far back while you’re snorkeling, so that’s something to keep in mind especially if you’re a beginner. 

Similar to Cressi Palau, the Aviator comes with open-heel short fins. Ideal for snorkeling in reef areas, they close more securely than Palau’s but still have some pitfalls. 

They are too short for snorkeling or diving in deeper waters and can easily be replaced by a good pair of water shoes when exploring shallow waters. 

A thing most snorkelers appreciate is the variety of colors you can choose from. Picking an unusual color, such as coral pink or peppermint, is a great choice if you want to spot your buddies or family easily in a crowded area. 

The set comes in a quick-dry gear bag and fits perfectly in a carry-on. 

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Another great snorkel for the money, OMORC delivers affordable quality. It’s light on your wallet but doesn’t compromise on comfort or safety. 

This set’s highlight is the dry top snorkel with a bottom purge valve. Not only it prevents water from getting in, but it also helps you expel quickly and easily any water that might have got into the tube. Its simple mechanism makes it perfect for beginners.

Furthermore, its food-grade silicone mouthpiece has an ergonomic shape and is comfortable to hold for extended periods without causing jaw fatigue. 

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Value is also added by the comfortable mask. It has a classic two-window design and crystal clear tempered glass lenses. Surprisingly for a low-cost mask, the lenses boast anti-fog treatment and are scratch-resistant, maintaining high clarity for a long time.

Ideal for teens and adults, the mask also comes with an adjustable silicone strap and soft liquid silicone skirt that ensures perfect sealing and prevent all leaks. 

It’s easy to argue that the two-window design is not the best, but given the price, this really is an exceptional snorkel gear set. 

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COZIA DESIGN Snorkeling Gear for Adults with Fins - Full Face Snorkel Mask and Swim Fins, 180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask, Anti Fog and Anti Leak...

Perfect for beginners, this full-face snorkel mask and fins set by Cozia Design incorporates cutting-edge technology and comes as cheap as peanuts. Both the mask and the fins are designed for maximum comfort and unsurpassed performance. 

The mask has an innovative full-face design that allows you to breathe normally, even underwater. Needless to say that it’s top gear for the rookies. Complaints regard the nylon straps that tend to pull the hair a bit, especially if you have longer locks. 

The silicone skirt seals the mask beautifully, but there could be some leaks if you have a lot of facial hair. 

Undoubtedly, this mask’s golden point is the huge tempered glass lens that offers 180° vision and ultra-clear images. 

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COZIA DESIGN Snorkeling Gear for Adults with Fins - Full Face Snorkel Mask and Swim Fins, 180° Panoramic View Snorkel Mask, Anti Fog and Anti Leak...

The snorkel portion attached to the mask also works beautifully. It’s a dry snorkel design that keeps water out of the mask even when exploring wavier waters. 

A downside is that it limits your time in the water. This happens because carbon dioxide accumulates faster than oxygen comes in, so the manufacturer wouldn’t recommend snorkeling for more than half an hour per session. 

The short fins included in the set have an adjustable open-heel design. Not the fancier model out there, but great for snorkeling in reef areas. 

Not the best choice for deep ocean dives, this full-face mask and fins set is a perfect fit for starters exploring shallow waters. 

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WACOOL Professional Snorkeling Snorkel Diving Scuba Package Set with Anti-Fog Coated Glass Purge Valve and Anti-Splash Silicon Mouth Piece for Men...

One of the most popular snorkel gear sets, WACOOL impresses with its one-size-fits-all mask that’s suitable for both teens and adults. Fully adjustable straps and high-grade silicone skirt molds to most face shapes and prevent leaks. 

The single-lens design allows you to enjoy the depths without feeling claustrophobic and without hindering your vision. The lateral view is not the best, but that’s a small annoyance considering the price. 

One of the best features is the anti-fog treatment of the tempered glass lens. It delivers maximum under-water visibility while its advanced shape eliminates distortion. 

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WACOOL Professional Snorkeling Snorkel Diving Scuba Package Set with Anti-Fog Coated Glass Purge Valve and Anti-Splash Silicon Mouth Piece for Men...

The other piece is a full dry snorkel with splash guard and purge valve. Easy clearing and draining make it suitable for starters and experienced snorkelers alike. 

Both mask and snorkel are made from professional-grade materials, ensuring top comfort and long-lasting performance. Backed by a lifetime guarantee, it’s a reliable ally for your beach vacations.

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Bringing important improvements to the mask and fins design compared to the Palau set, Cressi Premium Rondinella is geared towards the more experienced snorkelers, but it’s also an excellent choice for beginners. 

Starting with the similarities between the two, Rondinella comes with the same Supernova snorkel. A well-constructed piece with a flexible tube and comfortable mouthpiece. It works perfectly in keeping salty water away from your taste buds, and it’s easy to clear upon resurfacing. 

The differences start with the mask. Compared to Palau, Rondinella has a single tempered glass lens. Crystal clear, no distortion and wide field of view are just some of its highlights. 

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An incredibly pliable construction and solid silicone skirt make it suitable for many face sizes; just keep in mind that it won’t adhere well to hairy faces. 

The fins are also a true revelation compared to Palau’s. These full-footed fins are long enough to provide the propulsion you’d expect in deeper waters and also work wonders in reef areas. Undoubtedly a better choice than shorter open-heel fins or water shoes. 

Made from flexible silicone, they are super comfortable and fit just right, as long as you get the size correctly. Just keep in mind that Cressi is an Italian brand. Thus their sizes refer to the standard Euro size. 

Cross-referencing EU vs. standard US sizes should help, though, and the hassle is truly worth it. 

A mesh bag for the snorkel and mask also makes it easier to transport the delicate pieces without scratching or damaging them. 

Excellent balance between value and money make Rondinella one of the best snorkel gear sets you can find. 

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PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set for Adults - Tempered Glass Diving Mask, Anti-Fog Lens for Best Vision, Easy Adjustable Strap, Waterproof Snorkel...

Designed for adults but also suitable for children, this snorkel set by ProDive not only comes cheap, but it’s also designed to make swimming safer and easier. The two-window style and tempered glass lenses let you enjoy crystal clear views of the pristine underwater scenery from the moment you put it on. 

As all double-window masks, it doesn’t provide the largest field of view, but it’s still an exceptional mask for the starters. 

Tempered glass, impact-resistant lenses also withstand scratches, so you can put it in your carry-on without worries. Another nice thing is that it’s designed to be fog-free. 

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PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set for Adults - Tempered Glass Diving Mask, Anti-Fog Lens for Best Vision, Easy Adjustable Strap, Waterproof Snorkel...

Just like the mask, the snorkel doesn’t have outstanding qualities, but it’s a reliable piece of equipment that makes it easy to breathe while keeping the water out of your mouth. A feature that confirms this set is perfect for the rookies. 

Available in a range of bright colors, this snorkel gear set comes packed in a stylish carrying pouch that’s ideal for transport and storage. 

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U.S. Divers Cozumel Seabreeze Adult Snorkeling Combo Set with Adjustable Mask, Snorkel, Medium/Large Fins (8-9.5), and Travel Bag, Blue

Despite you will hear stories about best snorkeling in Cozumel, snorkelers seem to have mixed feelings about this set by U.S. Divers. This snorkel gear set is made for beginners, but a few design flaws might make it a better choice for a more experienced snorkeler looking for an affordable set. 

Starting off with the snorkel, the brand advertises it as a splash top. It shouldn’t let a lot of water in, but ending up with a mouthful of ocean water is still highly probable. If you don’t know how to breathe properly underwater, this could be an issue. 

Clearing all the water with a single blast is also near impossible due to the poor design of the purge valve. 

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U.S. Divers Cozumel Seabreeze Adult Snorkeling Combo Set with Adjustable Mask, Snorkel, Medium/Large Fins (8-9.5), and Travel Bag, Blue

On the other hand, the tube is lightweight, and the ergonomic mouthpiece is easy to hold for a longer time. 

The mask seals well and is easy to adjust with the 3-way adjustable buckles, but it’s a bit too big for smaller faces. There is no way it could be a suit a child or teen, and women with smaller faces may also be better off with another mask. 

The fins, on the other hand, are fantastic. Long enough to offer adequate propulsion for all snorkeling and diving applications, they are also comfortable and true to size. Snorkelers mostly like their full foot design. 

Coming in a gear bag with mesh panel, Cozumel might have some downsides, but it’s still a good choice, especially for men snorkelers on a budget. 

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Moving forward to the next set that’s made it to our list of the best snorkel gear sets, HEAD Mares Marlin is designed for snorkeling schools, recreational swimmers, and triathletes. It’s ideal for adults, but less suitable for children and teens. 

It consists of a snorkel, low-profile mask, and fins, all equipped with quick-release system for easy on/off and quick adjustments. 

A thing that stands out is the mask that offers 360° panoramic view despite its two-window design. Tempered glass lenses are durable, crystal-clear, and resist scratches. Besides the unrivaled peripheral view, it also fits most face sizes. 

The only downside is that it doesn’t contain a water clearing valve in the nosepiece and there seem to be some leaks. You can only clear it by resurfacing, which may be inconvenient sometimes. 

The snorkel works as expected and comes with an ergonomic mouthpiece that doesn’t cause jaw fatigue. 

Great is also the fins. They boast an open-heel design but can be properly secured and offer excellent propulsion. 

The gear comes in a transparent plastic bag that protects the mask; whether you’re a learner or experienced snorkeler, this set might be the one you were looking for.

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Phantom Aquatics Navigator Mask Fin Snorkel Set, Arctic Blue, Small/Medium(5-8)

Navigator by Phantom Aquatics is another noteworthy snorkel gear set. It’s preferred by experienced snorkelers and consists of a two-window mask with tempered glass lens and easily adjustable buckle, open-heel fins, and semi-dry snorkel.

The snorkel stands out thanks to its smaller mouthpiece that makes it much more comfortable than other popular snorkels. It has a splash guard, but it doesn’t prevent water from going in when you’re diving, or when there are waves. 

Nonetheless, the purge valve makes it easy to blow the water out, so that’s not a big issue. 

The mask is adjustable and ideal for most face sizes. It doesn’t provide the visibility of a three or four-lens mask, but it’s still excellent gear considering the price. It seals the face well and there seem to be no complaints about leaks. 

But the true highlight of this set is the fins. Long enough to offer adequate propulsion in both shallow and deeper waters, they boast an open-heel design and provide buoyancy for your legs while snorkeling over the corals. 

They may be a pain to put on and adjust but are comfortable to wear on bare feet. Value is also added by the mesh carrying bag that’s perfect for storage or transport. 

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Greatever Dry Snorkel Set,Panoramic Wide View,Anti-Fog Scuba Diving Mask,Professional Snorkeling Gear for Adults

A snorkel set for beginners at a competitive price. This is Greatever Panoramic in a nutshell. It doesn’t have fins, but it’s an excellent pick for summer fun in shallow waters. 

The mask’s design seems pretty basic at first glance, but all it takes is a closer look to understand that it provides a wider field of view than most two-window masks. Larger-than-average lenses ensure panoramic view, while the single-layer tempered glass ensures ultra-visibility. 

A soft hypoallergenic silicone skirt also ensures airtight sealing and prevents leaks. 

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Greatever Dry Snorkel Set,Panoramic Wide View,Anti-Fog Scuba Diving Mask,Professional Snorkeling Gear for Adults

Both the mask and the skirt are made from food-grade materials suitable to use by children. The adjustable design and low profile also make it suitable for people of all ages. 

Besides the anti-fogging and no leaking mask, the snorkel also impresses with its quality. It has a small, ergonomic mouthpiece and a dry design that prevents water from getting in. 

Good for practice in pool or snorkeling in shallow waters, this is a great quality set to use for long-term snorkeling or diving. 

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Head by Mares Italian Collection Premium Youth Sea Pals Character Kids Mask Fin Snorkel Set Snorkeling Gear - Ultra-Clear Tempered Glass Lens...

If you’re planning a family vacation in a tropical spot, make sure your kids arrive at the beach equipped with the Premium Youth Sea Pals by Mares. Part of the Italian collection, it’s designed to make your family pool or beach outings a bit more fun for everyone. 

The mask is the miniature version of an adult diving mask. High-quality and reliable, it comes with a tempered glass single lens that provides a wide field of view. 

Its frame does obstruct lateral view a little, but that’s nothing to worry about.

The dry-top snorkel with easy purge valve is also ideal for little snorkelers. It’s very easy to clean even when submerged and teaches kids how to breathe properly underwater. 

Moving along to the fins, they are adjustable and comfortable thanks to the open heel design. They are also easy to take off and have the ideal length for children of all ages. 

This junior snorkeling set comes in a stylish bag featuring a sea turtle; other styles and colors are also available. You can also pick from two sizes; no matter your choice, your kid will surely enjoy this fun snorkeling gear.

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ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set, Travel Size Snorkeling Gear for Adults with Panoramic View Anti-Fog Mask, Trek Fins, Dry Top Snorkel and Gear Bag for...

Another promising snorkel gear set, ZEEPORTE is a good product at a low investment. Flexible snorkel, high-quality silicone mask, and a modest size set of adjustable fins are just what you need for recreational snorkeling. 

Despite the lower price, the unit performs flawlessly even in rough seas thanks to the dry top snorkel. A purge valve at the bottom also allows for quick clearing of any water that may get in. 

The mask is simple but very comfortable. Wider single-lens provides a panoramic field of view and doesn’t hinder peripheral vision. Its good silicone seal also prevents leakage even if you don’t wear it super-tight. 

Like most snorkeling masks, this one’s adjustable and suitable for most adults and teens. 

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ZEEPORTE Mask Fin Snorkel Set, Travel Size Snorkeling Gear for Adults with Panoramic View Anti-Fog Mask, Trek Fins, Dry Top Snorkel and Gear Bag for...

The non-treated glass does fog a little, but the issue is easy to solve with a bit of conditioning or anti-fogging solution. Regardless of what you use, the tempered glass lens will provide crystal clear images. 

The fins are also easy to slip on and very comfortable. They are quite short and fit really well in a carry-on, while also providing adequate propulsion. 

Coming with a convenient all-in-one packing mesh bag with shoulder strap and ideally sized for travel, this is a lovely set for your summer adventures. 

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Aqua Lung Wind Full Foot Fins Mask Snorkel Set- Blue - XS (4-5)

The last on our list of the best snorkel gear sets, Aqua Lung Wind is a high-quality entry-level set ideal for scuba diving and snorkeling. 

Designed with the newbies in mind, it comes with a dry top snorkel with forward-facing valve. This type of design ensures quicker closing , while the self-draining purge valve ensures peace of mind on those moments when you don’t know how to clear the tube. 

Another nice thing about the snorkel is the silicone mouthpiece that boasts an innovative Comfo-Bite design. 

The Infinity mask may have a two-window design, but it boasts enhanced peripheral vision thanks to its low volume. The optical quality of the polymer side lenses is impressive, while the main lenses are made from tempered glass. 

The Wind fins are also built for performance. Comfortable and ergonomic, they have structured side ribs that ensure optimum transmission as well as progressive and controlled bending. 

Travel-sized and lightweight, this set can be your trustworthy companion on your underwater adventures. 

Snorkel Gear Set Buying Guide & FAQ

It is tough to know what a good set of snorkeling equipment is? From the true beginner of never even putting your face in the water to see the beautiful ocean or being in the water half the year enjoying all the world has to offer, this is where we will decipher the good from the bad and the cheaply made, and to the expensive sets that you probably don't need.

Finding the right set that fits your face properly with good skirting (seal around the mask), fins that won't give you blisters and a snorkel that will fit comfortably in your mouth so you can have a great day and not be bothered by any unnecessary issues that may arise.

Snorkel Masks

One of the most import items on the list. There are so many different types of masks that you want to make sure you have the right fit for you.

Make sure that the lens is glass and not plastic. The plastic lenses don't offer a great view and scratch easily and make it harder to see under water with different glares coming at different angles.

You need to make sure the skirt is silicone and not PVC. This will provide a smooth comfortable seal between the mask and your face. The PVC skirting is a cheaper less pliable material that often leaks more than silicone.

Over the past few years there has been a huge development of new masks. It went from goggles, just for swimming then with advancements the mask now covers your nose so you don't have to worry about water going into your nose while you try and breathe through your mouth into the snorkel. Now there are full face masks that cover your nose and mouth so you can breathe from either making it a more comfortable session in the water. The snorkel is attached and comes up through your forehead. 


Just like every other piece of equipment when snorkeling is comfort. There are not too many different materials that could alter issues such as different skirting or what kind of material but you want to make sure that the mouth piece fits correctly in your mouth while being attached to your snorkel mask. Sometimes the mouth piece will fit right but then once it is attached to your mask it can get really uncomfortable and sometimes even cut your mouth up.

Once you get a snorkel that fits the main difference will be additional features that come with them. Your basic snorkel will be J-shaped, meaning it is a open tube above your head that turns into a mouth piece in which you can breathe in and out of.

To get more advanced snorkels now have what is called a splash guard option, in which is a flap that covers the top of the snorkel preventing salt water from entering the snorkel so you do not get water in your mouth. It also stays closed when you are duck diving (swimming underneath the surface of the water while holding your breathe) to prevent water from entering your mouth.

Some better snorkels also have a purge valve for easy draining. This meaning that if water does get through the splash guard or if you don't have a splash guard, this feature allows for water to drain through the bottom of the snorkel without having to blow out through your mouth into the snorkel to clear the water out.

Snorkel Fins

Although not necessary, snorkel fins make snorkeling a whole lot easier and more enjoyable. Fins allow you to move through the water with ease and get to deeper parts of the water more comfortably with less effort. Fins come in a variety of sizes and types such as open heel fins which allow for socks and boots if it is colder and closed heel which allows for smaller socks or bare feet. Short fins and long fins which still offer much debate and split fins and flat fins also running into the same issue.

Open heel fins allow for more freedom and in some cases easier to get in and out of. They come in straps that may have a clasp for easy access on and off. You can wear water socks or neoprene boots with these to prevent in blisters if you are prone to this or you have a boney foot.

Closed heeled fins offer less gear to travel with and in warmer climates which you will most likely be in, you don't need extra warmth from the socks or boots. When fitting closed heel fins you want to make sure that they fit comfortably and remember that when you are in the water they will loosed up slightly. However, if this does become the case you can always buy a small neoprene sock or even just use your regular socks if these is nothing else available to you.

On to long fins versus short fins. The difference between the two are the short fins primarily make travel easier but also for the people who associate themselves as beginners it makes it easier to kick in the water even though you are not moving as fast. If you are swimming in a close area it makes it less chance you will run or kick into the reef or surrounding areas.

For the longer fins because they have a longer leaver length it may feel as though you are using more energy and you are but you are getting more power and making your movements more efficient in the water.

Now we get into Split fins versus paddle fins. Split fins as you can see are shaped quite differently. There is a long slit down the end of the fin towards your foot which allows water to pass through the fin during each kick rotation. This creates an easier glide throughout the movement. As the split fins are easier to kick with, this may provide more comfortable with people having joint pain throughout the back, hips, knees, ankles or any other lower extremity throughout the body.

Paddle fins come in short and long sizes offering different movement patterns. With the closed in fins there is no slit down the middle so no water can go through creating more force in the water making it a bit harder to kick but offers more power in the water. The short fins are excellent for beginners so that you still get that extra push but in tight corners there is less likely to kick coral or the surrounding area you are in. The longer fins are great for more distance as you have a longer leaver which will propel you faster in the water.

Both split fins and paddle fins have pros and cons and if you have the time to try them both out, I would highly recommend it. However, if you are in a time crunch here are a few things to consider:

If you snorkeled before and are comfortable in the water the paddle fins will be give you more power per stroke and quickness to get out of different situations.