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Cressi Supernova Dry, Black/Black

Using a dry snorkel is a rising trend for both experienced and novice snorkelers. The current models for new snorkeling technologies for 2022 is still emerging. We believe many divers will opt for them over the traditional models.

TUSA SP-0101 Hyperdry Elite II Scuba Diving Snorkel, Energy Orange

Acclaimed by most snorkelers, TUSA Hyperdry Elite II is one of the best dry snorkels out there. It has a low profile and superior dry performance thanks to the quick-closing gasket that doesn’t let splashes, waves, or water to go into the tube in rougher seas or when you’re diving. 

Its reliable purge valve also ensures a quick and efficient clearing should water get into the snorkel. 

A nice thing about the purge chamber is that it’s angled, preventing saltwater from getting into your mouth even if you’re not clearing it right away. 

The mouthpiece is also ergonomic and comfortable. The flexible silicone is judged as too flexible by some users, though. On the other hand, most divers like that it has a two-part construction and that it rotates. We also like the contoured tube that hugs the diver’s head. 

Criticism regards the way the snorkel attaches to the mask. It seems it’s a bit too angled back, a thing that could make it uncomfortable. 

While you could solve the issue with a new attachment, this would mean a further investment for a snorkel that is not cheap. If you don’t mind the design and find it comfortable, this is perhaps the best dry snorkel for you. Otherwise, if you’d like a more upright attachment, you’d better move on.

Cressi Supernova Dry, Black/Black

From the Italian brand Cressi, the Supernova is one of the most though-after snorkels. Innovative design and several safety features make it a great choice for most snorkelers and divers. 

Like most dry top snorkels, Supernova features a float mechanism that closes instantly when going underwater. It also prevents splashes or waves from entering the tube, so you’ll never end up with a mouthful of saltwater. 

Its flexible tube reduces jaw fatigue and is comfortable to hold for hours. At the same time, it also folds compactly for easy storage or transport. 

Cressi Supernova Dry, Black/Black

The mouthpiece is made from food-grade silicone and is perfect for teens and adults. 

Other impressive features include a water collection well with an elliptic valve that ensures easy expulsion of water, while the angled mouthpiece and corrugated tube section are replaceable. 

Due to its oblong rather than round shape, it has weaker airflow compared to other snorkels; a particular that makes it more suitable for experienced snorkelers than beginners. 

Apart from this minor flaw, it brings true value and is one of the best dry snorkels for the money.

Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel | Quality Professional Snorkel Gear with Dry Top Valve, Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and Purge Valve for Scuba Diving,...

This dry top snorkel by Kraken Aquatics looks pretty basic at first glance. It has a simple, black design and round shape. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent piece of equipment to throw in your snorkeling gear bag. 

Designed to keep saltwater out of your mouth, it uses a floating ball system that closes when submerged. A little bit of water can always find its way into the tube, but it’s easy to clear it thanks to the purge valve. 

Like most modern snorkels, it comes with a soft silicone mouthpiece. It’s comfortable enough to hold for hour-long laps, while the corrugated silicone hose adds flexibility and ergonomics. 

Kraken Aquatics Dry Snorkel | Quality Professional Snorkel Gear with Dry Top Valve, Comfortable Silicone Mouthpiece and Purge Valve for Scuba Diving,...

Equipped with a quick-release clip, the snorkel is also easy to connect and disconnect from the mask. 

Like all rubber and silicone snorkels, it can be damaged quickly by saltwater if you don’t rinse it thoroughly each time after use. Apart from this flaw and its dull design, this is undoubtedly functional gear to use on your underwater adventures. 

Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel (Clear/Yellow)

Another entry from Cressi, the Alpha snorkel could seem similar to the Supernova, but it has a few fundamental differences. 

On the one hand, Alpha looks and feels sturdier than its Supernova counterpart. It’s also more expensive, a reason why it’s often preferred by the pros, but not often chosen by newbies or snorkeling schools. 

The mouthpiece is made from flexible silicone, but it’s kind of small. This makes the snorkel more suitable for teens, but adults typically find the bigger Supernova’s mouthpiece more comfortable. 

Cressi Alpha Ultra Dry Snorkel (Clear/Yellow)

Furthermore, Alpha is more of a semi-dry than a fully dry snorkel. Water can enter the tube easily, and it might get in your mouth despite the oversized purge chamber and valve. And that’s another thing that makes Alpha a better choice for experienced snorkelers. 

However, due to the semi-dry top, it provides an ampler airflow; it rarely obstructs breathing. Therefore it’s safer. 

While clearing the tube could be annoying at first, once you get a little bit used to snorkeling, this shouldn’t be an issue anymore. Considering the sturdier built and overall better quality of this snorkel compared to Supernova, we truly believe it deserves the premium difference. 

The snorkel comes in a variety of colors and is compatible with most snorkel masks and water goggles.

ZIONOR T2 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable Mouthpiece One-Way Purge Valve for Pool Open Water - Black (No Head...

Zionor proposes two types of snorkels; the T1 for swimming and training, and T2 for snorkeling or diving. Both have a dry top and are made from high-quality materials, but for the purpose of this roundup, we tested the T2. 

This diving snorkel is designed to prevent water from coming into the tube when submerged, and it’s equipped with an innovative floatation that ensures excellent airflow. It allows snorkelers to conserve energy and swim more efficiently, as you won’t struggle to grasp a breath of air. 

Besides the elliptical floatation, it also comes with an engineered purge valve that allows for easy and quick water clearing. 

ZIONOR T2 Snorkel Lap Swimming Swimmer Training Diving Snorkeling Comfortable Mouthpiece One-Way Purge Valve for Pool Open Water - Black (No Head...

The mouthpiece is smooth, comfortable, and easy to hold for a longer time. It’s designed to reduce jaw fatigue either when you’re free diving or snorkeling in open waters. This snorkel’s brother, the T1, is an excellent trainer for the less experienced ones. 

T2’s downside is that it’s only compatible with snorkeling masks; if you like to wear goggles, this won’t be a good fit. 

Apart from this, it installs in the blink of an eye and is also easy to remove from the mask. No doubt, a great choice for the money.

Oceanic Ultra Dry 2 Snorkel - Black/Titanium

Oceanic Ultra-Dry 2 is an exceptional mid-range snorkel designed for all your underwater adventures. 

Its patented dry snorkel technology eliminates water entry almost completely; undoubtedly a great choice for the novice as well as the more experienced snorkelers. Any water that might have got into the snorkel is easy to eliminate through the oversized purge valve. 

A quick-release swiveling snorkel keeper also ensures easy clipping and removal from your snorkeling mask. 

Most users also praise the drop-away smooth bore flex mouthpiece made from 100% liquid silicone. It’s not only ergonomic; it’s also replaceable, so you won’t have to buy an entire new snorkel when the mouthpiece wears out. 

According to snorkelers, the product works as advertised. Nobody reported issues with breathing, although you might have to pay more attention in rougher waters. 

Doing what it’s supposed to do, lightweight, and ergonomic, this could be a nice addition to your snorkeling gear. 

Phantom Aquatics Dry Snorkel, Clear

Phantom Aquatics is renowned for its high-quality snorkeling gear, and its dry top flex snorkel doesn’t disappoint. 

Designed to eliminate virtually any water intake, this is an excellent entry-level piece for free diving and snorkeling. It’s also a great choice for practicing in the pool, although it will show off its best features in open waters. 

The tube showcases a streamlined oval-shaped bore and angled mouthpiece for added comfort. The mouthpiece is also replaceable, while the excellent flex tube adds all the flexibility you need underwater. 

Purging the system is super-easy, thanks to an extra-large self-draining chamber. 

The snorkel is also equipped with a convenient quick-release buckle that’s easy to detach with a single hand. Indeed, it detaches so easily that you might even lose the snorkel if you’re not careful. 

Functioning better than many entry-level pieces and comparable with the most expensive brands, it poses no suffocation hazards and is great for teens and adults alike. 

Scubapro Laguna 2 Dry Snorkel, Black

The next dry snorkel that has made it to our list is the Scubapro Laguna 2. This is another mid-range unit suitable for pros and beginners alike. It has an extremely ergonomic mouthpiece and, the best thing, it really stays dry. 

Sure, a little water may always find its way into the tube; however, the snorkel is very easy to clear thanks to the flexible purge valve. 

An adjustable clip that slides up and down also makes it easy to position in the most comfortable way. It is compatible with most masks, and even with some water goggles, so you’ll have plenty of pairing choices. 

The most praised features are the replaceable soft angled mouthpiece and the flexible corrugated section of the tube. Holding the snorkel for a long time doesn’t cause jaw fatigue, while the flexible material won’t hurt your teeth or gums. 

Criticism regards the quick release clip that’s quite tricky to press and twist at the same time. Considering that most snorkelers hardly detach the snorkel from the mask, this shouldn’t be too big of an issue. 

All in all, this snorkel is well-built and durable. A nice choice for days at the beach or a tropical vacation.

Aqua Lung Impulse 3 2-Valve Flex Snorkel, Black Twilight

Aqua Lung Impulse 3 is one of the most popular snorkels out there, and it impresses with a unique design and truly dry system. 

Getting water in the tube is a rare event, indeed. It might happen if you plan to go underwater completely, but snorkelers claimed they didn’t have an issue while snorkeling in areas with higher waves. 

A large reservoir located right under the mouthpiece keeps your breathing path clear should excess water gather into the tube; clearing the snorkel is also ridiculously easy. 

What makes the difference between this snorkel and its competition is the large boar that delivers low breathing resistance; a feature that makes it suitable for beginners, and especially suitable for teens.

Available in two versions, it can come either with a patented Comfo-Bite mouthpiece that drops out of the way when switching from snorkeling to scuba or in a non-flex variant with swivel mouthpiece. 

Regardless of the model you like, the snorkel is comfortable to hold and causes no jaw fatigue. 

Another nice thing is that the replaceable mouthpiece also comes in smaller versions for ladies and teens. 

The clip might be a pain to attach to the mask, but all the other features make this snorkel a winner. No doubt, an excellent choice for both experienced snorkelers and beginners.

Cressi Supernova Dry, clear/black.

The last dry snorkel we have reviewed is Mares Ergo, and we must say it really deserves the title of the best dry snorkel. Like all snorkels on the market, it comes with ups and downs; nonetheless, this unit has much more pros than cons. 

It has a truly ergonomic design and is easy to hold for a long time. The dry feature works brilliantly, and you’ll never end up with a mouthful of seawater. 

But despite the brand’s claim that it’s perfect for the novice, it’s probably not. 

Experienced snorkelers have noticed the dry feature occasionally activates itself when it shouldn’t. This doesn’t pose a major risk if you have snorkeled before and know how to use this kind of gear. As long as you don’t panic and breathe again or resurface, all should go back to normal. 

However, Ergo may pose a hazard if you’re a newbie who tends to panic underwater. So, if you have no snorkeling experience, you’d better opt for another model. 

That said, the snorkel is fantastic. It’s flexible and can be used on either side of the face. The oval tube poses less water resistance and allows for a larger air volume, while the bottom purge valve allows for easy clearing. 

Coming in various colors and at a price that won’t break the bank, Mares Ergo is a reliable dry snorkel to add to your arsenal. 

Dry Snorkel - Buying Guide & FAQ

How Do Dry Snorkels Work?

When we go snorkeling or free diving, it is inevitable that water will come inside the tube especially if the water is a bit choppy or when you decide to go underwater. This is relatively true for old models where its simple design is just composed of a plastic hollow tube that is bent in a J-shape on one end towards the mouthpiece. This is the reason why most old snorkel models are called the J-Type. When water comes inside the J-type tube, it goes directly near the mouthpiece. With this, you need to exhale and blow from your mouth for the water to come out of the tube. Otherwise, if you do not clear it, instead of breathing in fresh air, you will be swallowing in water. You have to remember that the degree of resistance to clearing the water inside the tube is directly proportional to the amount of water that comes in. This simply means that you need to clear and blow hard if there is a lot of water coming in.

Well, things have changed, and snorkeling equipment has its own evolution where J-type is a thing of the past. Let's take a look at the transition of snorkeling tubes now - First of its remake is the Flexi-Purge model. Compared to the rigid plastic tube structure of the J-type, the Flexi-purge has a flexible silicone at the end before it attaches to the mouthpiece. This makes both breathing and clearing less resistant since the silicone tube is highly elastic and flexible. Further, it has a purge valve at the bottom portion of the mouthpiece. This means that when you clear the tube, water will exit at the purge valve requiring less effort to clear since water does not need to exit at the other end of the tube, just like with J-type snorkels. Securing the mouthpiece in your mouth is relatively comfortable when using the Flexi-type since it is primarily made of silicone rubber which only requires a gentle grip and generally has a comfortable feel when compared to its older counterparts.

But evolution of the equipment did not stop at the flexi-type. Designers thought that mitigating the entry of water at the entrance hole of the tube itself would significantly affect its performance. And voila, they have come up with the Semi-Dry models. Basically, it looks and has all the components of the Flexi-purge snorkel, except that the entrance of the tube has a one-way slit that allows some the water to go out instead of directly entering the tube. This development has significantly reduced the amount of water that can potentially flood your snorkeling equipment. Further experimentation continues with the invent of integrated dry snorkel and mask sets, and then to full face snorkel masks. Most of the long standing brands as Cressi, Oceanic (also manufactures high-end dive computers) and others are switching to new technologies in their gear sets indeed.

Comparing dry snorkel vs semidry ( also referred as vs wet snorkel) , this was made possible by the conversion of the one-way water slit into full-blown drain valve and is often called the splash guard Instead of coming in to the tube, water is directed to the drain valve making the entire tube completely dried thereby making your breathing process while at surface water a lot more comfortable and easier. And just in case a small amount of comes in, it can easily be cleared and drained courtesy from the enhanced purge valves at the bottom. In short, the only time that your dry snorkel will be completely flooded is when you opt to go freediving and choose to go underwater. But do not worry, a fully flooded snorkel tube can easily be cleared and drained with just a single blow of air.

Hope you enjoyed our dry snorkel reviews. We have recently updated another popular article of ours on fins for scuba diving, take a look!

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