5 Best Beach Tents for Babies in 2021

 baby sitting in a tent sheltered from the sun on the beach
Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF 50+, Ultra portable , Blue

What can be better than a day at the beach on a hot summer day? Sunbathing and playing in small ponds of water is fun for the whole family, including the youngsters. The most important thing to think of, though, is sun protection.

Sunscreen is barely enough if you want to keep your child protected. SPF 50+ garments and a UV-resistant beach tent for babies should be part of your beach gear too. When it comes to the best baby beach tents, we even found the most promising ones. Check them out below.

Schylling UV Play Shade, SPF 50+, Ultra portable , Blue

Topping our list and the preference of most parents, Schylling Shade and Play is perhaps the best baby beach tent for your bundle of joy. Its greatest strength is that it’s ultra-portable. It occupies a little space when closed, fitting seamlessly in a beach cart or in your vehicle’s trunk. It’s also lightweight and easy to carry.

Made to provide ultimate sun protection to your child, it impresses with an SPF 50+ material that lets no UV rays pass through. Perfect for playing during peak hours or for the afternoon nap, it boasts two large windows on the sides. Ventilation, thus, will never be a problem. We also like its instant pop-up system.

Boasting a patented design, the tent pops up in just seconds, so you won’t have to focus on the tent instead of your child. Space-wise, you can rest assured your baby and their sibling or friend will have plenty of space. It has a footprint of 51 x 39 inches, and a head clearance of 31 inches.

Another nice thing is how quick you can fold it - a feature that lacks on most baby beach tents. You can dismantle it and put it in its transport bag quickly and easily.

Perfect for the beach, camping, or even for playing in the backyard, this tent is truly fantastic. It comes with tie down pegs and sand pockets to keep it securely in place even when a stronger breeze starts to blow, and has a more than affordable price point. What else could you wish for?

Pacific Breeze Easy Setup Beach Tent, SPF 50+ Beach Tent Provides shelter from The Sun for 3+ People

Much more than a beach tent for toddlers, Pacific Breeze can accommodate kids and adults alike. It’s spacious enough to fit two beach chairs or a chair and toddler playground. No matter the interior setup, you can rest assured the tent is truly comfortable.

Lightweight and compact, it provides protection from sun, wind, and rain. Not only the fabric delivers UPF 50+ sun protection, but the design with two lateral windows and rear vent ensures plenty of air flow.

Made from breathable polyester, it won’t become too hot. At the same time, it packs compactly and it’s easy to carry.
Weighing only 4.5 pounds, it fits in a suitcase or carry-on, while still providing roomy shade when in use. Internal pockets bring further value for money, giving you the perfect space to store toys or personal items.

Stability even in stronger wind is given by a lightweight yet durable fiberglass frame. Furthermore, we like the water-resistant polyethylene floor that makes this tent a great accessory for the beach, camping, or even a yard party.

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, the tent comes with sand pockets, stakes, and a carrying case. 

Baby Beach Tent, NEQUARE Baby Beach Pop Up Tent, UPF 50+ Sun Shade Baby Tent with Pool, Baby Pool Tent with Mosquito Net, Sun Shelter for Girls Boys,...

If you need a smaller, lighter beach tent for your bundle of joy, the NEQUARE portable baby beach tent might be it. Super-easy to set-up and take down thanks to its pop-up design, this sun shelter requires virtually no assembly and fits seamlessly in a suitcase or travel bag.

But its pop-up design goes way beyond travel convenience. You can easily set it up with only one hand while holding the baby.

We particularly like that it’s white, a color that reflects UV rays. Besides its color, you can still expect outstanding sun protection thanks to the UPF 50+ fabric. Other highlights include mesh sides and a large entrance with mosquito net; all these features ensure proper airflow while keeping nasty insects away from your baby.

Despite looking rather weak, this baby beach tent is actually quite solid. It’s made from premium 190T nylon fabric and comes with two pegs. It doesn’t have impressive stability in strong winds, but apart from that, there is little to complain about it.
White overall with yellow details, this beach shade is also perfect for all babies. Your little one will surely love it, while you’ll definitely love its quality and affordable price point. 

Sunba Youth Baby Beach Tent, Baby Pool Tent, UV Protection Infant Sun Shelters Beach Shade Tent, Pop Up Baby Tent for Beach

Sunba Youth has made it to our list with this with a portable pop-up shade designed for children under three years of age. Not only it has the right size for your little one, but it can turn from a nap space into a perfect playground.
What makes it special is the silver-coated fabric that ensures 50+ UPF protection. The harmful UV rays have no chance of passing through, so you can rest assured your child is protected.

Super-easy to take up thanks to its pop-up design, it boasts a convenient pool that can be easily transformed into a flat surface for nap time. At the same time, it provides a shaded play space for your little one during peak hours.

A generous interior is roomy enough to accommodate two youngsters and toys; side pockets provide further storage space, and the only thing we like less is that it only has a mesh wall on the back. There is still plenty of air flow, but overall, we prefer the baby beach tents with side mesh walls. That said, you’ll likely love this baby beach tent, not to mention that it comes at a more than affordable price point.

5. Yoego Baby Beach Tent

Ending our roundup, this beach tent for baby from Yoego is an ideal choice for infants. It could be a great tent for naptime for a toddler too, but don’t expect too much space for playing.

With that in mind, this baby beach tent is still perfect for its purpose. It delivers 50+ UPF protection and is made from baby-safe materials. 

The 210D polyester taffeta is non-toxic and has no irritating smell. A very large door with mosquito net also ensures sufficient airflow while keeping nasty crawlers away from your bundle of joy. Thanks to its self-expanding design, it’s also very easy to set up in just seconds - a feature that makes it perfect for the beach, camping, and travel. No matter where you go, stability is ensured by convenient ropes. Just keep in mind that it doesn’t come with ground pegs.

We also like that it packs compactly for travel and storage; furthermore, it’s ultra-lightweight and practical enough to take with you anywhere. An excellent choice for parents looking for a quality beach crib for their baby. 

Baby Beach Tent Buying Guide & FAQ

Beach tents for babies come in all shapes and sizes. Here are a few things to check before buying:


Some baby beach tents are designed to work as shades, providing a sheltered play area to your bundle of joy. Others are smaller and intended to provide a sheltered sleep area to your child.

Before buying, it is recommended to check the style and pick based on your needs.

SPF Rating

Most beach tents for babies are rated SPF 50+, delivering ultimate UV protection.


While a beach tent provides shade, don’t forget that the air inside it can get very hot. For this reason, it is essential to make sure it has plenty of ventilation.

A big door and mesh walls on all sides are desirable. If the model you like doesn’t have ventilation panels on all sides, make sure it has at least a mesh window on the side opposed to the door. 


Q: Can I take my 1 month old to the beach?

A: Yes. You can take your 1-month old to the beach, but there are a few things to take care of before going. 

On the one hand, you must make sure you can provide plenty of shade to the little one. A baby beach tent is perfect for the purpose, but it is recommended to get a bigger tent that can accommodate a baby bassinet or stroller. Don’t assume you can just get a beach crib model; a thin mattress can’t provide sufficient support to a newborn.

To avoid health issues, it is also recommended to avoid staying out with your newborn during peak hours. The best thing to do is to take advantage of the morning hours or plan a trip to the beach in the afternoon.

Q: What is the best beach tent?

A: The best beach tent for baby is the one that suits your needs. Make sure it delivers adequate protection against the UV rays and that it’s roomy enough for your child to play or rest in it. 

Some beach tents for babies are large enough to accommodate multiple toddlers and their toys, while others only provide sufficient sleep space to one child. 

Q: How do I protect my baby from sun on the beach?

A: A baby beach tent should be only a part of your vacation arsenal. It is very likely your toddler will want to play in the sand and even go in the water, so you should also think of alternative sun protection. 

Sunscreen - the biodegradable kind - is not only safe, but it’s also recommended for babies. These sunscreens are made from natural ingredients that provide a protective film on the skin rather than being absorbed, so they are safe to use even on newborns. When choosing the sunscreen, make sure it has at least 30 SPF, as only this type of lotion can provide adequate UV protection to your bundle of joy.

Protective beachwear is another thing to think of. A few essentials include UPF clothes including long-sleeve beach shirts, beach pants, and a wide brim sun hat that provides shade to both the face and neck area. 

Beach tent apart, a beach umbrella is another important piece of beach gear to take with you. 

Q: How do I keep my baby cool at the beach?

A: Overheating can be fatal to young children. Therefore, it is essential to keep your baby cool at the beach. 

If your baby beach tent has a pool, simply fill it with water and let the child play in it during the hottest hours. Alternatively, get an inflatable baby pool and place it under an umbrella or another shaded area. 

Cold drinks, including cool water and fruit juices, are also a great choice for toddlers. 

Furthermore, it is essential to ensure there is sufficient airflow inside the tent or beach shelter. 

A cooling towel can also work wonders, as for the naptime, only cover your baby with breathable, thin muslin blankets to avoid overheating. With this in mind, your family trip to the beach should be a safe and fun one.