Best Beach Cart & Wagon for Soft Sand [ 2022 Reviews ]

Here's our top choices for best beach carts and wagons on the market in 2022.

  1. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon >> large interior measures out to a capacity of 35.5" x 20" x 22.5"
  2. Mac Sports  Folding All Terrain Utility Wagon Beach Cart >> heavy duty frame allows you to carry up to 150 pounds
  3. Timber Ridge Folding Camping Wagon  >> supports up to 150 lbs on hard surface and 110 lbs on sand
  4. Radio Flyer 3-In-1 Tailgater Wagon  >> 2 rider seating, & bench seating, 150 lbs wagon and 50 lbs on cooler caddy
  5. Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart >> 15 cubic feet storage, 100-pound weight capacity, stroller-style handle with neoprene grip
  6. Challenger Mobility Folding Beach Cart Large Balloon Tires >> weighs 18 lbs, holds up to 165 lbs, telescopic handles
  7. Timber Ridge Collapsible Beach Wagon/Cart >> holds up to 150lbs on hard surface, 110lbs on sand or beach
  8. Wheeleez Heavy Duty Soft Sand Beach Cart >> holds up to 220 lbs, easily pushed or pulled over most terrain by anyone
  9. Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart >> holds up to 100 lbs, easy folding, 15 cubic feet storage
  10. Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler Beach Cart >> ultra wide wheels, holds up to 4 chairs, cooler and large cargo area
Red beach cart with luggage and funny dog with goggles

For many of us, summertime is synonymous with weekends at the beach. Of course, though, no trip would be complete without essentials, such as your backpack beach chairs, an umbrella for windy weather or beach tent, towels, snacks, beverages, and toys for the kids. 

When it comes to logistics, you have two options; you could carry your items in multiple bags and rolling wheeled coolers. Or you could get the ultimate beach cart. If you don’t know which to pick, check out the best beach carts and wagons for soft sand below.

MAC SPORTS WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon, Solid Blue

Mac Sports is one of the most popular recreational furniture and equipment providers, so there is little wonder why their collapsible folding outdoor utility wagon is our favorite. 

Ideal for big families, this large capacity wagon sets up in seconds without any assembly required. It can hold up to 150 lbs., and it’s spacious enough to accommodate a cooler, beach chairs, umbrellas, toys, and other essentials.

Functional features include an adjustable handle and two mesh cup holders designed to make your hauling more enjoyable. 

MAC SPORTS WTC-111 Outdoor Utility Wagon, Solid Blue

Perhaps the most important feature of any beach wagon is the size of the wheels, and this model doesn’t disappoint. It has large, sturdy wheels designed to tackle everything from soft sand to gravel. 

We also like that it collapses really compact for transport and storage. Indeed, the unit is only 8 inches thick when folded, and it fits wonderfully under a bed or in a closet.

Sturdy and reliable, it’s undoubtedly a great choice for transporting all your beach essentials.

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Frame Collapsible Folding 150-Lb Capacity Outdoor Beach Garden Utility Wagon Cart with 4 All Terrain Wheels & Table, Blue

Next entry on our list, the Mac Sports all-terrain beach wagon shares similar features with its brother above, and is perfect for the beach, camping, and a wide range of other transport needs. 

It’s roomier than our top pick, yet it still folds compactly in a matter of seconds. Bigger, sturdier wheels make it ideal to hold more cargo; but despite its size, this utility wagon boasts impressive accessibility. 

In fact, the cart is super-easy to set up, haul on most terrains, and transport. Made from heavy-duty materials, it can withstand up to 150 pounds. It’s not made for transporting children, but it can easily double as a nap space for toddlers. 

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Steel Frame Collapsible Folding 150-Lb Capacity Outdoor Beach Garden Utility Wagon Cart with 4 All Terrain Wheels & Table, Blue

Indeed, the robust aluminum frame and 600D polyester fabric are sturdy enough to support a child or two. Just be extra-careful while hauling the cart to prevent accidents or injuries. 

Designed specifically for the beach, the wagon presents an attractive ‘Beachcomber Mac Wagon’ logo that enhances the aesthetic factor. 

Like the smaller Mac Sports wagon above, it includes functional features such as an adjustable handle for effortless transport on most surfaces and mesh cup holders designed to keep your beverages secure.

Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Collapsible Utility Big Wheels Shopping Cart for Beach Outdoor Camping Garden All Terrain, Heavy Duty Portable Grocery Cart...

Moving forward with our selection, this folding beach wagon from Timber Ridge is a great choice if you’re looking for a more affordable heavy-duty cart. 

Slightly smaller than the all-terrain cart by Mac Sports, it’s still roomy enough to keep all beach essentials for a large family. It supports up to 150 lbs. on a hard surface and 110 lbs. on the sand. 

A wealth of interesting features add exceptional value for money. We particularly like the swiveling front wheels that make it easier to navigate around obstacles. At the same time, a telescoping handle enhances control on most terrains. 

Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Collapsible Utility Big Wheels Shopping Cart for Beach Outdoor Camping Garden All Terrain, Heavy Duty Portable Grocery Cart...

Ideal for the beach, this all-purpose cart is also perfect for taking on family outings, camping, tailgating, and even for shopping.

Coming in four attractive colors, the cart is also equipped with two mesh cup holders as well as lateral mesh pockets for smaller essentials. 

Backed by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, this is a great range topper at a mid-level price.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Folding Wagon with Cooler Caddy for Kids, Garden & Cargo (Amazon Exclusive) , Red

Sleek yet robust and multipurpose, this 3-in-1 tailgater wagon by Radio Flyer is no doubt the best beach wagon for toddlers. It’s perfect for hauling, but it also comes with two rider seats that double as beach seating. 

Ideal for kids 18 months old and above, it has a capacity of 150 lbs. plus an additional capacity of 50 lbs. on the stow-away cooler caddy. 

Truly spacious when unfolded, it can accommodate two passengers alongside beach gear and other outdoor equipment. One thing it misses is a canopy to protect the kids from the sunrays, but we like that it comes with seatbelts for added safety.

Radio Flyer 3-in-1 Folding Wagon with Cooler Caddy for Kids, Garden & Cargo (Amazon Exclusive) , Red

Designed for tailgating, it’s not the easiest to haul on soft sand; yet, it has an impressive performance on hard sand, grass, dirt, or paved surfaces. 

Great for a variety of purposes and coming at a great price tag, this is a nice family wagon for beach and other outdoor activities.

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Utility Foldable Cart

If all you need is a small and cheap beach cart, check out the Rio Brands Wonder Wheeler. It brings minimal wallet damage, but it’s roomy enough to hold loads of essentials. 

Similar to a stroller from an aesthetic point of view, it consists of a deep mesh compartment designed for cargo and a front platform that can accommodate up to four folding chairs for seniors. A side hanging bar and umbrella holder complete the design.

Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Utility Foldable Cart

A removable tote bag on the back of the cargo area provides room for further storage. 

Apparently small yet spacious, it folds flat for easy storage and transport. We also like that it comes fully assembled; all you have to do is snap on the wheels and get going. Designed to roll on all types of sand, it impresses with 10-inch rear wheels and small, swiveling front wheels for easier navigation. 

Made from steel and high-quality fabrics, this cart might be cheap, but it’s sturdy. Lightweight and easy to handle, it’s a great choice for anyone on a budget. 

Beach Carts & Wagons for Soft Sand Buying Guide

Beach carts and wagons are a must-have if you don’t want to be submerged by a sea of things to carry from your vehicle to the beach lounging spot. To get the right model, you must first decide whether you need a cart or a wagon. 

Beach Carts vs. Beach Wagons

While both carts and wagons are designed for hauling, carts are usually employed to carry stuff, whereas wagons are preferred by families with kids. 

As far as hauling is concerned, if you’re mostly carrying beach chairs, umbrellas, coolers, and beach games, a beach cart with large balloon tires could be your best bet. This type of tires is ideal for soft sand, rolling smoothly and providing stability on this type of surface. 

If you have kids, a beach wagon would be preferred. Most beach wagons have big, rectangular cargo compartments that can become the perfect afternoon nap space. A beach wagon with canopy could be even better, but in the lack of it, you can use a towel or sheet to provide some shade to the youngsters. 

Some beach wagons even come with seats and seat belts. They are ideal if your main purpose is to transport the kids rather than cargo.

Features To Look For In Beach Carts & Wagons

Once you decided between carts and wagons, you should check out the following features to make sure that the model you like can suit your needs.

  • Durability: The main thing to check before buying is durability. Check the frame and make sure it can withstand a heavy load. The fabric or mesh should be of very high quality and resistant to wear and tear. Also, control the wheels and make sure they have no flimsy plastic parts that could collapse under the load.
  • Maneuverability: Talking about the wheels, they must be suitable for soft sand. Most wagons come with all-terrain wheels that can roll seamlessly on all surfaces. However, you might want to double check if you’re buying a cart, as these models usually have smaller wheels that may struggle on the sand. The handle can also make or break the deal. If you want to enhance maneuvering on all types of terrains, pick a wagon or cart with an adjustable handle.
  • Portability: It is essential to invest in a lightweight and highly portable cart or wagon. If you plan to carry heavy loads, an aluminum beach cart could be your best bet. Comparable with the steel in terms of strength, aluminum is lightweight and easier to maneuver. A folding cart or wagon is also preferred to one you have to assemble and dismantle each time. 

Down To You

Whether you need a beach cart for easier hauling or a beach wagon to transport your kids and some gear, the market offers a bountiful range of choices. Which are the best beach carts and wagons for soft sand is down to you. 

Consider your needs, weigh in the pros and cons of each model, and pick the one that best fits the bill.

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