Aqua Lung Snorkel Set Review

We updated our list of aqua lung snorkel sets and best alternatives available in 2022
Our choices based on verified buyer experiences and test results are as follows:

  1. PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set >> comes with waterproof gear bag
  2. U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkeling Set  >> mask, snorkel, fins, travel bag
  3. U.S. Divers Dorado Combo Snorkel Set  >> proflex fins and sea breeze snorkel
  4. Aqua Lung Sport Nautilus Roll Up Snorkel >> not a set, but Aqualung's favorite travel snorkel
Aqua Lung Atlantis Single Lens Dive Mask
Aqua Lung Sport Admiral 2 LX, Island Dry LX & Trek Snorkeling Set Small Black/Grey

LAST UPDATED: March-18-2019 : In our most recent update, we made some changes to our review of the Aqua Lung Sport Snorkel Set. As well as some major product feature tweaks, we gave our chart a little shakeup by adding the Aqua Lung Admiral Set.

Aqua Lung is one of the pioneer companies in the innovation cycles of primarily scuba diving equipment. The company has outstanding snorkel sets in the market and we will be reviewing the Aqua Lung Sport Diva and Admiral sets today.

Who Should Buy the Aqua Lung Sport Snorkel Set?

Mainly, we feel like this snorkel set is best suited for beginner-intermedieate level snorkelers looking to start out their first snorkeling adventures with a complete worry-free set.

Aqua Lung Sport Admiral Mask, Dry Snorkel, Trek Fins & Bag - Blue, Small

The fits of these sets are true, and they have been designed to work amazingly well for sealing off the face. With the dry snorkel, you can rest assured that water will stay out of the tube, whether it’s submerged or not. Another thing snorkelers will love about this set is the fact that the trek fins pack very well and they’re also super versatile.

As a bonus, the set comes with a carry bag that can hold the entire set, plus it has a little spare space for extras such as sunscreen, a rolled towel, and of course, your diving camera.

The Pros:

  • Single lens construction means the set is more durable
  • Comes available in a wide variety of color schemes
  • Dry Top snorkel set

The Cons:

  • We feel like the plastic clips which connect the mask to the snorkel might be prone to breakage over time
  • The carry bag isn’t super big, which limits your carrying capacity a little

Aqua Lung Snorkeling Set: A Closer Look at What’s Included

The Snorkel Tube

We loved the fact that the snorkel tube is constructed with dry top pivot technology, which means that even when it is exposed to surface splashed; no water will enter the snorkel. The top cover pivots close and seals off whenever the tube is submerged in water, which helps to cut clearing down to a minimum. Whenever some water enters the tube, the purge valve comes in very handy to clear out any water in the tube.

The Fins

The Aqua Lung Snorkel Set comes with a great pair of diving fins, which can be used for swimming, snorkeling, and body-boarding fins. Since they are shorter in size than regular diving fins, the fins in this set are great for traveling purposes, and they’re also lightweight. All-in-all, these fins give incredible propulsion and power when you need it most.

The Mask

The mask in this snorkel set ensures that divers get a comfortable yet tight seal. With a purge valve and single lens construction, we reckon this mask comes pretty close to delivering ultimate underwater visibility. We appreciate the fact that the mask is constructed with a hypoallergenic, soft silicone skirt, but wish that the straps of the mask weren't so prone to getting stuck in our hair though. To eliminate the problem, you could just use some mask strap covers.

The Bag

The Aqua Lung Sport Snorkel Set comes with a handy carry bag, and the quality is excellent for the set’s overall price. We found that this bag isn’t the best on the market, so if you can, go ahead and purchase an aftermarket bag that’s more versatile and a little bigger.

Best Alternatives to Aqua Lung Snorkel Sets

We’ve found that there are a few alternative options out there when it comes to female snorkeling sets. Here are the five best alternatives to the Aqua Lung Sport Snorkel Set:

All of the sets we recommend as alternative options come in a range of different colors and designs, but some of them sport better fins and masks that might offer you better visibility to some degree. Go ahead and try them all out before taking the leap and investing in a specific brand. There are so many innovative brands on the market as the trending Topside snorkel fins, and make sure to deep dive into our reviews of latest high-tech lightweight scuba fins to find out your best fit!

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